About Show Pen Promise Just when everything is starting to come together in life and love, fate throws a curveball at wannabe cowgirl Devon Brooke. She has some tough decisions to make regarding cowboy McKennon Kelly, her future plans and her beloved horse Faith.

Devon is devastated when a simple mistake causes serious consequences for her horse, and she falls hard back to square one losing hope she can ever amount to the equestrian she wants to be.

No longer running from his past, McKennon is desperate to bring Devon back to the saddle and honor his show pen promise, but he soon finds that Devon is ready to hang up the reins and her dreams of a buckle for good. Can McKennon convince Devon that another horse will be able to take Faith’s place in the show pen? Should he? Will the suggestion bring them together or push them apart?

Show Pen Promise follows McKennon’s quest to help Devon believe she has the strength to be the cowgirl of her dreams. Can Devon love a horse as much as she loves Faith? Will her relationship with McKennon and his show pen promise ever become reality? Is fate a friend or a foe?

In the third installment, readers will start reading exactly where Cowboy Away left off, reconnect with some surprise horse characters, and learn what the future holds for wannabe cowgirl Devon Brooke and her cowboy/horse trainer McKennon Kelly. Is there a happy ending in store for them? Add Show Pen Promise to your want-to- read list and find out!

The characters? The leading man, McKennon Kelly, is all the things I think women wish men could be then sprinkled with a little bit of what I imagined a cowboy who can make the eight on the back of a really rank bronc would be like.

The leading lady, Devon Brooke, represents all the mixed emotions that make up a woman; strength, independence, uncertainty, desire to find love and that little bit of neurosis I think a woman can harbor when her fantasies don’t exactly match up with reality. Devon’s judgment certainly becomes impaired over a cute guy in cowboy boots!

What is most important about Devon is that she is willing to learn from her mistakes. Readers will find that Devon grows as a person and horse owner throughout the series. Who she is in In the Reins is merely a reflection who she becomes in Show Pen Promise. I think the most powerful thing about Devon is she knows that she is always a work in progress, defined not by her past, but by the future she is creating for herself. I think this quote really sums up Devon Brooke nicely …

“She could never go back and make some of the details pretty. All she could do was move forward and make the whole beautiful.” - Terri St. Cloud

Sophia Matilda Washington-Clark is the gentle, intuitive, motherly figure I think ev- ery human wishes they had in their lives and JD is the driven, never-give-up type that lightens the mood and provides a good giggle every now and then. JD McCall is my handsome bull riding heartthrob with swagger!

I am a big fan of yours, I enjoy how you bring characters from one novel, and into another building on your trilogy! Jackie Collins was a master at bringing characters into her other novels, aging them and flowing some characters into her other novels. Example: The Lucky Santangelo Series and Rock Star, Hollywood Wives and Hollywood Husbands. Will you be writing other novels that will incorporate other series? Do you have names for those Novels, characters, and synopsis?

I am working on the first draft of the fourth book in the In the Reins series. I’m calling it JD’s Story right now, but I never know what I am going to name my books until the story tells me what it wants the title to be. I didn’t name In the Reins until the moment those three words left my fingertips toward the end of the novel. It was the same with Cowboy Away. I instantly knew what the title to the third installment would be when I typed show pen promise.

I can’t wait to see where my bull riding heartthrob takes me in the next book in the series. I have had readers tell me that they love JD McCall and want more of him. That makes my spurs jingle because I was hoping it would be difficult for readers to choose between JD and McKennon. I think the combination of these two very differ-

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