Paul Overstreet Christmas, My Favorite Time of the Year CD


aul Overstreet, world renowned Country Singer/ songwriter, and now releasing your new Christmas Cd, which by the way is so awesome! Share with our readers how this project came to Fruition? How important is Christmas to you?

The way I grew up Christmas was a big deal. We always had great songs to listen to, and I had great memories of Christmas. One of my favorite Christmas memories was finding a saddle in my mom’s car! My brother and I had a horse that we loved to ride and had sold it. My folks found out where the horse was and bought it back for us for Christmas. Then when we started raising our kids it became a big deal again. I tried to carry on the tradition with lots of Christmas music, secret gifts, great food and family. Because I love Christmas music so much, I wanted to make some of my own. I love the Christmas story, putting that in music, too.

Paul, you sing the classics of “Silent Night, White Christmas, and Rocking’ a Round the Christmas Tree”, with impeccable style, bringing in a steel player, and that traditional country signature Paul Overstreet sound. What is your secret to making a Christmas song? Share about the two songs you wrote, “Did You Know that Christmas Is my Favorite Time of the Year”, and How Do I Wrap Up My Heart for Christmas”?

My secret to making a Christmas song? I just try to make them “Feel” like a Christmas song. I use players that can play any kind of music and understand the Christmas type of instrumentation. I don’t want it to just sound like a Country song, I want it to make you think of Christmas when you hear it. “Did You Know That Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of The Year” is a song, for me, that was written to an old time Cowboy chord progression, which was influenced by David Ball who was one of the cowriters. It really talks about all the things I love about Christmas, the whole package! “How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas” is a song I was writing with Randy Travis because he was going to do some Christmas songs. He recorded it for that project. I loved the song so much I wanted to put it on my Christmas project, “Christmas, My Fa- vorite Time Of The Year”.

Share some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Do you vaca- tion somewhere for the holidays?

My favorite Christmas traditions. Going to get the tree. We used to take all six kids along to pick it out. That could be hilarious. Then we’d turn on Christmas music, make some hot cocoa and I watch everyone decorate the tree. I used to love to surprise everyone with extra presents, after the shopping was already done! When the kids were small we always stayed home. Now that they are grown, we meet in the islands and spend our holidays there.

Paul, of course we have to discuss “When you say nothing at all”, written by you, and Alison Krauss making one of her biggest hits. How did this song get to her? What was your reaction, when you heard Alison singing it? How has that song changed your life?

Don Schlitz and I wrote that song. We used to write two days a week, every week. We never knew what we would write, but we’d start with a conversation about what was going on with us. I believe, in this instance Don had a dream about it. Keith Whitley, was the first person we took it to. He recorded it on his next album. He had a hit with it. He passed


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