away way too soon and was one of the best voices in Country music. They ended up doing a tribute album to him and Alison Krauss personally chose that song to record. My reaction? Chills all over my body! I thought it was one of the greatest records I had heard. The song has had a life of it’s own. It was in Notting Hill the movie, recorded by Ronan Keating. It became a pop hit in Europe. It took a couple of country writers into the pop world and into the whole world in general. I am still amazed how many people know that song.

You write a lot of beach songs, and just so happen you wrote “Some Beach” for Blake Shelton. How did this song come about?

It started when Rory Feek and I were writing for a Kenny Chesney project about the beach. In our search for a title, we came up with “Some Beach, Somewhere”. It was about all the things you experience in daily life that make you want to get to the beach. We had a lot of fun writing that.

You’ve written for a lot of country artists, is there one song, or two that you weren’t sure how it would turn out? What was your reaction to the song or artist?

Forever and Ever Amen was one of those. I wrote that with Don Schlitz. We weren’t sure where to pitch it, but the publishing companies choice was Randy Travis. I thought Randy did a great job and I was asked to sing the background vocals on the song. I didn’t realize when it was going up the charts so quickly why it was so huge. I was glad, but I didn’t really understand it.

Whenever I mention Paul Overstreet, people automatically, know who you’re, which songs, and a 80s, and 90’s artist. How does that make you feel to impact two decades, and yet you’re still recording, touring, and relevant today?

I was thrilled to be a part of 80’s and 90’s country, because some of the best songs were out and being recorded. It was all about the song. It feels great to have an im- pact with your craft and hopefully, I can continue to adapt to the industry’s Direction, yet stay true to who I am, musically and my roots. I’d love to see a resurgence of great songs in our industry that will also impact the future decades.

How can our readers buy your music, and Christmas Cd? What is on the horizon? Any tour dates planned in Arizona, or the southwest?

Your readers can buy my music on my website www. ! We have CD’s, merchandise and they can download songs from there as well. That’s my favorite way for that to happen. Plus, I think my website is full of information, music and even my social media. It’d be great for them to “like” my music page, Paul Overstreet Music. It’s a great way to keep up with me, watch live performances, etc. On the horizon… more music, always more music. I’ll be putting out at least a couple of projects in 2020, one my style of Coun- try where it’s all about the song, another beach project and something lease fun that I’ve been working on. I’ll be touring the U.S. and going to Denmark and Frutigen, Switzerland in August. I also plan on going to the UK and collaborating with some of their artist and writers. I don’t have any dates in Arizona or the Southwest, but I’m always open to consider! Anyone interested can con- tact us at

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