Charles Parker Genre Bending Artist

day. It’s hard to pick a favorite song. I think it changes from week to week as I hear new (old) songs that I nev- er heard before. Two new-to-me country songs that we started playing are “Achy Breaky Heart” and “I Like It I Love It”, they’re so fun to play. I never played them back when they came out. “Chatahootchie” by Alan Jackson is fun with that “Brent Mason” guitar solo, which lead me to having Brent play on all my songs now. It’s funny how it all works out.

You just released “love Is Us”, which I have lis- tened to several times. It has some cool hooks. I hear a beach country/rock vibe. Tell our readers about this song? Who is producing your music?

I produced it along with my friend and studio owner Frank Starchak (Deltona Recording) in Florida. It seems most things I write always have that 70’s pop influence. This one I was thinking about around Valentine’s Day last year and thought it would be a good topic: “as long as we have it other that’s all we need”. It also reminded me of an 80’s anthem from Jon Bon Jovi. I thought I would pay homage to Jon with the characters of Tom- my & Gina and where they are now. My song is not any- thing like his song but I needed characters, I hope he doesn’t mind!

On your stage shows, which look like a lot of fun! What can our readers expect on a Charles Park- er Show? Any dates scheduled for Arizona, or the southwest?

I just want the audience to be involved and participate as much as possible. Playing the parts of the charac- ters in the tribute bands I learned how to get the crowd involved from that. I play “Paul Stanley” character in a Kiss Tribute so for instance he would say:” People let me hear you scream” and they scream. I don’t do it in that exact way but definitely inspired by that. I don’t have anything booked in Arizona but would love to come there and play. Anyone reading this feel free to contact me with any show opportunities.

You have a fun band, but looks like you’re branch- ing in to a solo artist. How is the transition going for you? What type of artistry are your surging for?

by Miriam Lucero C

harles Parker, genre bending artist! Share with our readers who you’re, and your musical background? Musical influences? Favorite song, why?

I have so many influences because I have managed to learn from all kinds

of artists and songs over the years. I have been able to make a living playing music in cover band situations. I would say it starts with music from my Grandparents such as Elvis, Beatles through to the ’70s teen idol pop of my parents into listening to 80’s hair metal as a kid and right into 90’s country such as Alan Jackson / Garth Brooks. I haven’t found much new music that interests me. It all seems to be the same cook- ie cutter formula so I always resort back to the classic stuff whether it be Rock or Country. I’m reminded of the Eagles. You can’t really put them in a specific category, just great music. I hope that the songs I write can be right up there with them some-

I actually have five bands. Most of them are tribute bands and it’s a great day job to have, but getting to do my own songs along with a handful of country cover is great. I’m not sure where it fits in today’s requirements, but I’m really just shooting for good music/songs. Whether it fit Country, Rock, Pop or Americana. It’s all good with me. It’s just about good music and doesn’t have to be anything more than music.

What is on the horizon for Charles Parker? New music releases?

I am actually working on a new song as we speak. It’s quite different than anything I have done in the past. The song is called “When Jesus Calls” and it is inspired by the things I am always seeing on social media along with some good friends lately. It seems that at this point in our lives we are losing a lot of people that are close to us. From sickness or even accidents. So I wrote this song from the point of view that Jesus needed us with him more than we needed to be here. I think that a lot of people will relate to this one. I hope to have it finished for a January, 2020 release.


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