Matt FarrisCountry Recording Artist


att Farris, Country Recording Artist, I listened to your earlier music and your latest music. Would you share with our readers the beginning of your Country Music Career? Music influences? Where you want your music career to go?

Thank you so much for the questions and listening to my music. When you say beginning of my music career we have to go way back to my childhood with my mom singing me country music songs instead of lullabies - I would say that’s where this all really comes from. But the decision to pursue this full time came in 2008 after working as an EMT and graduating the fire academy. Music runs deep in my blood and always has but it was almost taken away May 1st 2008 when my father Jeff Farris and I were shot in the driveway of his home by a group of kids who were trying to steal my dad’s truck. We found the healing process to be very draining but one thing that worked was music. So I got my dad playing bass with me again and then my grandfather Tom Farris would come over to play the drums and off we went. I made the move to Music City in Octo- ber 2010 and landed my first record deal in 2012, released my first Nashville studio album in 2013 and started work with my first public- ity team KORE PR, if you need a publicity team call KORE PR, these people pushed me to always work hard. And now all these years later, I am doing almost 300 shows a year and just released my sec- ond album out of Nashville working with Laminate Entertainment.

I can tell by listening to your music, you have been devel- oped more lately than before, which is typical in an artist career. Who’s been working with you on your sound? Who is producing your music with you?

Great question, I have worked very hard over the last few years on my sound and working with Butter and Vinny from Trailer Choir - they both have helped develop me into the artist I am today. Lami- nate Entertainment in Nashville, Emily and Butter are truly a great team to work with.

Your latest release “Just Having One”, is a fast, fun, get up and dance song! Share with our readers how this song was presented to you? Are you recording In Nashville or Arizona?

Just Having One was pitched to me last year co-written by Butter from Trailer Choir. My buddy Ryan Brown was in the car with me and as soon as we heard this song we knew it was going to be an anthem! We still record everything in Nashville. Arizona does have some amazing musicians and studios but nothing really compares to the feeling of recording in Nashville.

Matt Farris, you’re a native of Arizona, and by looking at your videos, it appears most of them are filmed out in Ar- izona? Tell us your favorite spots in Arizona? Some of your favorite places to write?

Arizona was a great place to grow up, I can’t even begin to say how beautiful it is. I grew up in Lake Havasu City and that’s what you see in the music videos because you don’t need special effects or anything to make it breathtaking - the mountains, the lake and everything in between is stunning.


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