Neck reins well and has a great stop. Perfect for Arianna’s soft hands. She needed a horse that would allow her the time to learn trust in her own abili- ties as a young rider. Alaina, 7 years old... a complete dare devil with no fear, needed a horse that would challenge her. Alaina rides two ponies, a Shetland mare and a 13 hand pinto gelding. Alaina was ready to learn control of a hard to handle horse, where Arianna needed to gain confidence first.

Whether your child rides a pony or a 16 hand horse, they must always under- stand that their horse should be treated with respect, with the understanding that this large creature has put its trust in them. It is a mutual relationship.... as your child trusts his steed that steed should trust your child and as par- ents or coaches you should teach kids a gentle but firm hand because in the perfect child/horse relationship.... that horse will be dependent on its riders ability’s as a responsible partner.

Camilla, you’re from Arizona, name some of your favorite places to ride? Share with our visitors coming to Arizona, some of the great trails, and locations?

There are so many beautiful places in Arizona to ride. My go to rides are; Hot weather. Prescott...Granite Mountain loop from the Williamson Valley trail head. Takes you up into the pines, picnic benches and bathrooms, even hitching posts at your midway point, Prescott....Spruce Mountain, look out point. The trail is easy, but steep. The views are amazing. You can see from Prescott to Dewey-Humboldt and more. Tables and bathrooms at the top. Mingus Mountain.... depends on which trail you choose, you can see the Verde Valley below or Prescott/Prescott Valley. Bathrooms and picnic tables available.

Cool weather. Sedona. Out Boynton canyon road. Fay Canyon trail head. A beautiful ride, breathtaking views amongst the red rocks of Sedona. Rock Springs trail head. (Black Canyon city)You can ride all the way to lake pleasant. One of my favorite places is in Paulden AZ. out Verde ranch road. So quiet and secluded. The father you go out, the more beautiful the land. To the east you will have views of sycamore canyon, to the north... Bill Williams Mountain. You’ll have to be ready to explore as not all trails/roads are marked. When the snow falls, I head south. Tombstone Livery Stables has a great spot to accommodate both you and your horses with miles of trails and history to enjoy an adventure with your equine friend.

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