STABLE MIX For Healthier, Happier Horses

sure riders benefit greatly from this week of intense study and fun. As the week progresses each day builds on the previous. Each day takes on its own personality as side trips riding into the rolling mountains and numerous multi colored canyon, discovering and learning about the fern and fauna, dress and play in period clothing, swimming, shooting authen- tic 1800’s era guns and adult camaraderie develop. Campfires, dinners under the stars, NEW Wine tasting, music, storytelling, dancing trying your hand in western poker like Wyatt Earp and recapping the day’s events with new friends at happy hour, is enjoyed by all. Viewed as an adult camp with a theme, this format has the highest retention by the students. Working with a large variety of horses with varying personal- ities and issues, is an invaluable opportunity and critical to the learning process. There is no substitute for handling dozens of horses this week.

Date: Sunday February 23 thru Sunday March 1, 2020

Location: Tombstone Monument Ranch www.tombstonemonumentranch 895 W. Monument Rd, Tombstone, AZ 85638 520-457-7299 Attn: Michelle DE Splinter

Cost: SPECIAL Inclusive Pricing

Single Occupancy $2596 per person/Double Occupancy $2288 per person ** $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot per person **6.1% tax and 15% service charge not included

**Any dietary restrictions, please let the ranch know prior to arrival *Limited Space Available*

Details: Wonderful Accommodations, Horses and Tack, All Homemade Meals, Use of Ranch Facilities, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Outdoor Games, Swimming, Hot Tub, shooting 1800 period guns (extra), Period Clothing Dressing (Bring own or extra), Bird Watching, NEW Wine Tasting, Horse- manship & Riding Workshop, Instructional Trails, and a whole lot more.


“She speaks of and about the Horses from her heart and mind always keep- ing the relationship foremost. Katherine is a true advocate of the Horse.” - Tara Reynolds, Twin Birch Farm

“Her program isn’t about getting caught up in labels, like ‘natural’, it’s about getting caught up in Horsemanship. I now understand herd mental- ity, ground work, patience, safety and so much more.” - Mike Talbot, Lost Acres Ranch

“No bells, whistles, special equipment, favorite breed, level or discipline. Communication, method and instruction to keep the horses and rider become better partners.” - Jodi Summerit Durango, CO

Contact: Whispering Hooves | Katherine Barbarite

Author of the book: Whispering Hooves The Missing Art of Horsemanship | 631-764-7515 22 DECEMBER 2019 I HORSE & AG MAGAZINE Complete Hay Based


Pelleted Feed

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