Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves® “Partnership & Confidence Building Horsemanship”

Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves® “Partnership & Confidence Building Horsemanship

“Wild West Outpost” Riding Workshop at Tombstone Monument Ranch

“Wild West Outpost” Riding

ombstone Monument Ranch February 23-March 1, 2020

February 23-March 1, 2 20 y 23-March 1, 2020

ENJOY Breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains, 272 acres of unspoiled land at this guest ranch fashioned as an Old Western town from the year 1881.

You are invited to experience a week long intensive program to hone your Horsemanship and Riding skills. It’s now time to explore the area on top of a horse, sit at the campfire, and listen to live music, or take a walk to the monument of Tombstone’s founder Ed Schieffelin. Stay where cowboys and Indians used to fight, feel the spirit of the Apaches, breathe the air of the Wild West. Enjoy an all-inclusive educational vacation that features accommodation, all meals, riding activities, Horsemanship and Riding workshop and ranch entertainment. The Ranch is located two miles Northwest of Tombstone, the leg- endary Wild West town where the famous gunfights between Wy- att Earp, Doc Holliday, the Clantons and McLaurys took place. In the vastness of the desert, where the Apaches once fought against the “Palefaces”, the spirit of the Native Americans is still palpable.

Your instructor in “Partnership & Confidence Building Horsemanship”, Katherine

Barbarite, will be teaching a straight forward set of exercises that aids in the develop- ment of a calm confident horse and rider. No matter the skill level or discipline, these steps remove fear and resistance, elevating trust, communication and bond. Understand the importance herd structure and leadership to enhance safety and promote growth. Learn why bad timing and poor releases lead to unhappy horses. “Ask… Wait… then Give for Results” “Connect with the mind and the feet will follow” -------Katherine Barbarite Certified Horse Trainer / Certified Horsemanship Association Riding Instructor (Western & English)

Topics: Partner up with your horse and start building confidence and riding skills. Con- front and overcome anxiety and fear that is caused by the unknown, increasing your con- fidence by understanding the mechanics of the four legs underneath you. Understand the “why, how and when” of communication when on the ground and in the saddle. This will gracefully improve your timing, finesse, balance and feel. Most of all,” become more than a passenger become a partner”.

Introduction: Leadership: Horse and Human Communication through Feel Technique: Difficult Saddling and Proper Fitting: Balance Horse and Rider w/Core Influence: Spook- ing and Shying: Aggressiveness and Nervousness: Jigging and Prancing: Mounting prob- lems: Pullback :Bit acceptance: Proper Foot Handling: Ears& Head Shy : Clipping : Spray- ing : Bathing: Proper leading and Driving: Trailer Loading: Locating and Treating Pain: Mustang Gentling: Nutrition: Dentistry: Imprinting: Massage: Bits: Farrier: Flexion: soft and balanced movement: Understanding positions of open and closed doors: opposite diagonals: turn of the forehand: turn on the haunches : Black and White meaning: One Rein Stop: Safety Checking: Understand the 4x4 Method.

Week long workshops are designed for those wanting to improve their confidence, com- munication, partnership and safe riding skills with horses. Professionals as well as plea-


est Outpost” Riding Workshop at Tombstone Monument Ranch

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