Would you share a couple of the podcasts of the Authors, Eques- trians you have interviewed?

The first episodes include: Meet Your Host Carly Kade and Learn What Makes Her Spurs Jingle On Equine Photography and Being So Good They Can’t Ignore You with Shelley Paulson On Writing Children’s Books and the Business of Being an Author with Rae Rankin On Loving Lusitano Horses and the EQUUS Film Festival Literary Corral with Lisa Diersen On Horse Racing, Taekwondo and Book Marketing That Works with Ann Hunter On Book Bundling, Critique Groups & Cross-Promotion for Authors with Candace Carrabus

What is on the horizon for Author Carly Kade? And how can our readers order your books, and swag?

I share In the Reins series sneak peeks, updates and new release info on my blog and in my Readers’ Group for readers who can’t wait to find out what happens next for McKennon, Devon, Sophia, JD and the Green Briar horses. I am excited about the journey this series is taking me on! Visit to join my Readers’ Group or purchase signed copies of the books. They make great gifts for horse lovers! The In the Reins equestrian romance series is available now in Audio- book, Paperback and eBook on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and Kobo.

Readers can join the herd and connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or Twitter.

Any equestrian events you’re attending?

This year, I’m teaming up with the EQUUS Film Festival to expand equine author participation and collaboration during the film festival’s seventh annual event at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY December 5th through December 8th.

The EQUUS Film Festival is the leading showcase for domestic and inter- national equestrian content including feature films, shorts, documen-

taries, music videos, commercials, training, educational materials, art and literature.

This year the EQUUS Film Festival is broadening its Literary Corral and focus on expanding the reach of our literary entries with a bright spotlight on equine authors as part of the event. Participating authors will be given time to brainstorm with each other as well as filmmakers, meet-and-greet with readers, sell books, and conduct book signings at the 2019 EQUUS Film Festival. During the Festival, select authors will be invited to join in on Literary Discussion Panels.

The EQUUS Film Festival brings the storytellers of the horse world to- gether through films, art, music, and books. I am honored to partner with them on the 2019 Literary Corral to expand equine author partici- pation, collaboration, and introductions to filmmakers.

The Literary Corral will host books of many genres with the horse as the common focal point including children’s books, fiction, romance, travel and guide, illustration, tribute and photography, historical explorations, activist initiatives, training memoirs, and more.

All of the authors who participate in the EQUUS Film Festival are linked through creativity, passion for writing, and love of horses.

I’ve learned so much from other equine authors and appreciate how unique each of our writing journeys are. I think it is so important to support each other and share knowledge among us. We are stronger working together to expose this niche genre of ours. The Literary Corral is a great example of that.

The EQUUS Film Festival strives to serve the interests and needs of equine filmmakers, artists, and authors by connecting equestrian creatives with audiences, exhibiting and promoting new films, filmmaking talent, books and equine art. Their mission is to nurture a creative community by facil- itating relationships that last well beyond each year’s festival.

The criterion for a book’s submission is that it captures the elements or essence of the horse, the horse industry at large, and/or all that surrounds the horse. Equine authors can submit their book for EQUUS Film Festival consideration by visiting literary.html.


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