and his friends to stand before a tyrant so that he would witness their faith in the face of death. They would not deny their God. Their confession of God was more precious than life.

In the cultural moment in which we

find our Synod, the most pressing need of the ARP Church is to show “but if not” strength before a watching world that is lost and dying. What does this look like for our churches, our agencies, and our Synod? Let us be unapologetically con- fessional at every level with “but if not”- strength. Let our congregations stand in the strength of God as we use the ordinary means of grace to extend our ministries. Let us stand in the strength of God, rely- ing on Biblical preaching, fervent praying, and faithful observance of the sacraments. Christ builds his church through these means; “but if not,” we hold fast to our confession of faith.

May/June 2019

Let World Witness stand in the

strength of God, proudly taking the ban- ner of the ARP Church across the world in foreign missions. At the spring meet- ing of Second Presbytery, a MT3 mission- ary gave an excellent presentation on why he works in theological education in the third world. He exposed some of the heterodox beliefs which are rampant on the mission field: the prosperity gospel, anti-trinitarianism, and Pentecostalism. The pervasive influence of these errors is why we need to be active in advancing the Reformed Faith in Africa and other places. Let us send forth men and wom- en who are grounded and confess the Re- formed Faith as summarized in the West- minster Standards. God advances His kingdom around the globe through these means; “but if not,” we will not deny our confession of faith. Let Outreach North America stand

in the strength of God by holding to the Reformed doctrine of the Spirituality of the Church in the face of cultural Marx- ism,

identity politics, intersectionality,

and whatever the next theological fad or worship novelty may be. Let us not dis- place clear Biblical preaching of the blood of Christ with a message that panders to Post-Modern culture. Let our church planters stand in the strength of God by preaching the love of the God the Father demonstrated in the blood of Christ and made effectual through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. There is no other message which can save and transform sinners. This is how Christ builds His church. “But if not!”?

Scott Cook is a minister of Second Pres- bytery serving at Erskine College. He and his wife, Christina, live in Mauldin, SC with their one year old son, Charlie.


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