Malawi Refomatio Netwok By Phil Williams

was not of someone who has helped me, but of a circumstance that allowed Janie (my wife) and me to help someone else. This morning my memories were of Jessie, a young girl living in Honduras. When I met Jessie, she was a garment inspector in a large sewing factory located in Choloma, Honduras, a very small town north of San Pedro Sulu, Honduras. Jessie was taking English lessons and had applied for a job as country auditor. I learned that her one big obstacle was that she couldn’t drive, a requirement to get this job. The cost for driving school and insurance in Honduras was way beyond her ability to pay. Janie and I decided that some of the things we wanted, or thought we needed, could wait, and picked up the expense for Jessie to have this opportunity. One part of Jessie’s story was that she was young and had a child. It was all she could do to make ends meet, raising a son in Honduras. Jessie needed a helping hand, a witness that there is more to life than just existing. Jessie needed good news, news that someone would care enough to give of themselves. Janie and I weren’t the good news Jessie needed, but Jessie did listen and learn the Good News because two people helped and shared it.


In many parts of the world many people live this very same way. Long days, little help, little hope that someone will bring them this Good News - all truth, full of light, the truth in God’s Word and the light that sets our souls free. After being invited to join the Malawi Reformation Network Board of Directors I have prayed, talked with my wife Janie and discussed this invitation with my Tuesday morning accountability men’s group and with my pastor. It is with excitement and eagerness to tell you that I have joined in service with the Malawi Reformation Network Board, a ministry established for the support, training and growth of young African men. The vision of MRN is to support reformed church planting efforts in Malawi, Southeast Africa. Confex Makhalira is the founder and a board member for MRN. Confex is a Christian who was born and raised in Ma- lawi. He is married to Mwai and they have two daughters. He is an ordained teaching elder (pastor) in the Presbyterian Church in America and hopes to return to Malawi to plant Christ Presbyterian Churches. Currently, the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI, and University Reformed Church (URC) will be providing scholarships and internships to Malawian men to study theology and do a pastoral internship as part of their preparations for ministry in Malawi. URC is the home church and base of MRN with intentions to broaden our base of support which will prayerfully include several biblically reformed denominations. Please pray for this ministry and ask God to help you see His providence for this ministry. Pray for these young men, this ministry and the ability to make a difference. In closing, I invite you to visit our MRN website to see what God is doing with this vision through Confex and MRN to begin planting reformed churches through training young men for preparation to preach the word of God in Malawi. Pray for our Sovereign God to prepare for the harvest. Please sign up for our online updates.

ach morning I wakeup fairly early, and in the winter I like to sit on the fireplace hearth while sipping on a cup of coffee. During this time, I reflect on places I’ve traveled and people I have met. Sometimes a smile crosses my face because of a fond memory- usually a memory of a person that has made a difference in my life. This time it

May/June 2019


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