The Comfort of a Changeless God

ELAINE DEVUSSER Women’s Ministries President

fort by imagining a God who is dif- ferent and thinks differently concern- ing each of us on a case-by-case basis. This may mean imagining God as a mother figure because of a negative earthly father experience, or believ- ing that He looks positively on a sin simply because one feels strongly about partaking in it. Somehow, it is perceived that a God who can and will change can bring about the peace and joy that an unchanging, con- sistent God could not. This is sim- ply not so. In fact, the immutability of God should give us much hope, peace, comfort, and joy. God declares to us the changeless-


ness with which he keeps his prom- ises, provides for our justification, and assures our salvation. He has revealed this truth to us that we may know that all that he has said is sure and lasting. James 1:17 says, “Every good gift

t is obvious by listening to the culture around us, that some people would seek to find com-

and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no varia- tion or shadow due to change.” The God of creation has promised that as long as the earth exists, there will be seasons, differing temperatures, and daytime and nighttime. We sing this of the earth, that God, by His al- mighty power has established it by a changeless decree. We can have hope, trusting that the almighty, changeless God holds the earth on which we live, and that it shall continue in the way in which it has been ordered! Psalm 110 tells us that “The LORD

has sworn and will not change his mind.” He is speaking here about the priesthood of Christ. God made this decree before the foundation of the earth and will not repent. Jesus will be the mediator for all the Father has given him until the end of time. His priesthood is immutable. What God has ordained is right and need not be changed. We can find comfort in the knowledge that God’s sovereign provision of his Son Jesus as our great high priest will stand. Furthermore, In Malachi 3:6, we

read “For I the LORD do not change.” From this we understand that God will always punish sin. We also see that he will always be the savior of those upon whom he has chosen to

cast his love. This will not change. The sovereign God who has made us and has redeemed us will not one day regret our salvation and relent. His choice is sure! Ours is a sure salvation as it has been decreed by a changeless God. We are held securely and shall be for all of eternity. What peace is this! Finally, we are told that the incar-

nate Son of God is the same yester- day, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Jesus, who died in our place, taking upon himself the punishment that we deserved for having sinned against the one true Holy God, can- not change. His blood shall always atone for all who, by the inner-work- ing of the Holy Spirit by the decree of God, trust in Christ alone for salva- tion. This is our hope and our joy! We must realize that a changeable

God could only offer doubt, fear, and ultimately hopelessness; a bleak ex- istence, wondering from day to day whether or not he has changed his mind. Let us rest and rejoice in un- derstanding that the Triune God will not change because he has no need to change. God is perfect in his promis- es, in his plans, and in his decrees. In this, is true and lasting hope, comfort, peace, and joy!?

Knowing, loving, serving, Jesus ARPWM knowing, loving, serving, Jesus May/June 2019 19

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