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Rebekah celebrates 14 years of missionary service in Berlin.

We hope your church is already feeling the impactful blessing of joining all ARP churches in praying for the Lord to reveal 2 potential missionary candidates from

within your congregation, by 2020. Perhaps, as you read the following testimony by Rebekah Carson, about her call to missionary service, you will recognize yourself or someone from within your congregation – someone for whom you can pray. As WW Executive Director, Alex Pettett, recently said, “We invite all ARP churches to pray impossible prayers … the impossible is often God’s specialty.”



By Rebekah Carson, Missionary in Germany

What does it look like to serve God, as a single on the mission field?

After serving on staff at a church for several years, the Lord prompted me to begin earnestly seeking a place of service abroad. Then, the Lord opened the door to partner with World Witness in Germany. Although I clearly sensed God’s call and truly wanted to go, I still remember feeling a bit overwhelmed and disappointed that I would be headed over alone, without a spouse or children. I vividly remember sitting on the porch of the Bonclarken hotel with a close friend and processing things proceeding differently than I had subconsciously imagined. I shed a few tears, and we prayed together. I very much wanted to go to Berlin but had to let go of my other hopes and accept God’s plans.

I think two of my greatest fears in heading to the mission field were that I would be lonely and I would miss out on the joy of being an aunt to my nephews and nieces.

A beautiful promise in God’s Word encouraged my heart as I prepared to head overseas. Luke 18:29-30 says, “Truly I tell you,” Jesus said to them, “no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come eternal life.” My first nephews and niece were born just prior to my leaving the states. I wondered how it would be possible to build strong relationships with them across the ocean. Thankfully, our relationships today couldn’t be sweeter. I’m grateful to my siblings who speak about me and pray for me in their homes and for the opportunities we have had to celebrate Christmas together each year.

Another promise in God’s Word that He often reminds me of is Psalm 68:6, “God sets the lonely in families.” The Lord continues to provide sweet community

for me in Germany. He gave me the idea of living with a German family to help me learn the language. Little did I know then that this family would become a second family to me. Although I only lived with them for a few months, we continue to stay in close contact and celebrate holidays and special occasions together. Their children’s children have become extended nephews and nieces. In fact, they started a new tradition of celebrating my “German” birthday on the day I arrived in Germany. This February, I turned “14” and had a delightful time spending the weekend with them. God not only provided this family but also roommates, neighbors, teammates and dear friends to share life with in Berlin.

The Lord has unique plans for all of us. Over the years I have come to realize and appreciate more and more the beauty of how the Lord uses missionaries in diverse stages of life. Sometimes He calls young married couples or families or retirees or widows to the field. The world around us needs to see what it looks like to live for the Lord in all life and family stages. Berlin needs examples of husbands who love their wives and parents who are committed to raising children who love Jesus. Berlin also needs to see singles living their lives in wholehearted obedience and love for Christ. All stages have their specific challenges as well as their specific joys. Together, as the Body of Christ, we mutually offer love, community, and practical acts of service that display the Kingdom of God and life in His Family to a world in desperate need of the Gospel. This is a crucial part of our witness.

If you are single and sense God’s call to missions, don’t hesitate to follow His call. He is faithful! Our Heavenly Father knows how to lovingly provide for us in ways beyond what we could ask or imagine.

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