Women’s Ministries

Spring has Sprung!

Time to be writing your church history By Sue Brogi, WM Historian

How do I start? Find an Easy way to get Organized! I found an old cardboard box with a lid, inserted 12 old file folders labeled with each month of the year.

Then I inserted church bulletins, monthly church newsletters, event sign-up sheets, articles from local news- papers about church happenings or people, our WOCM yearbook, the ARP Magazine, joint deacon and ses- sion notes if appropriate, photos, awards, certificates earned and anything else that gave me church news. For your local copy kept at your church, you would probably keep those photos and specific church items with your ‘local’ church history.

What should it include? You, Church Historians, have a very important job keeping the records of your church as well as your woman’s organization, your activities and services to your church and community. The items listed above are only some of the things you might include. If you need a copy of the ‘suggested’ format for the Cover Sheets and each History page don’t hesitate to email me at:

When should I mail it? Now some churches are on the calendar year and some have their own ‘calendar’ but that makes NO

difference when your three copies on acid free paper are “due”. (one kept for your church and two copies sent to your Presbyterial or the WM Historian) The history is due to your Presbyterial Historian (if you have one) by April 1st. We then ask her to send it to the WM Historian (currently Sue Brogi) by May 15th. Even if it has been a couple of years since you’ve sent in the history; don’t hesitate to mail it now!

Where should I send it? Starting in 2019 you can send your two copies on acid free paper (easy to find at your favorite office sup-

ply store) to: Sue Brogi, 112 Kenwood Drive, Hendersonville NC, 28939 if you do not have a Presbyterial Historian. For any questions call 828-483-4574 or

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