source of funding from the Dunlap Foundation Endowments has helped give stability to these orphanage operations otherwise not possible through annual gifts alone. Endowments have been key to predictable income, leveling out the ups and downs of the economy, and mitigating the organizations’ vulnerability to a bad funding year. A board leader convincingly argued this for endowments, “You can wipe out ten years of

The Power of Endowments with a Plan



he Board of the Dunlap Founda- tion just completed another remark- able annual meeting. Thanks to the

income from five endowments dedicated to children, they were able to distribute $160,000 in cash. The money went to seven outstanding Christian agencies with resi- dential facilities designed to nurture vul- nerable children and serve their spiritual, physical, social and educational needs. In addition to those seven agencies, the Board recently created a new endowment to fund Adoption Assistance grants for two ARP couples for $5000 each to help them adopt children internationally. As these endow- ments grow, it makes it possible to make more grants and support more adoptions by generating investment income additional to annual operating gifts. Predictable gifts from endowment in-

come make agency growth possible and lower the risk of running out of money for long-term commitments necessary for success. Having a reliable and consistent

excellent staff work in one bad year of funding.” Many fine organizations without endow- ment support suffered significantly in the market crash of 2008 – they lost funding for es- sential staff positions, ministry impact and opportunity to serve growing needs. There is no doubt that endowments build financial continuity necessary for providing predictable service to those in need and help protect loss of ministry opportunities for lack of funds. When coupled with a plan for ministry, the endowment concept can be applied to virtually

any ministry situation with similar benefits. An endowment that supports a solid strategic or business plan gives donors confidence that if they make a significant gift or bequest that their money will be invested and used exactly as they intended. Families and donors can have high confidence that if they chose to leave a bequest in their will or trust to an ARP endowment, their funds will be well-managed and can be expected to grow and produce income to ben- efit ministries for generations to come. At a denominational level, focused efforts

over the last five years have helped to estab- lish Board approved endowments now actively growing in all ARP Agencies and organizations. Although not a comprehensive list, these repre- sent important endowment opportunities that benefit the entire ARPC:

A board leader convincingly argued this for endowments: “You can wipe out ten years of excellent staff work in one bad year of funding.”

• The ARP Foundation Endowment – Supports the Denominational Ministry Fund annually • Dunlap Orphanage Endowment – Support of seven residential orphanages • Kathryn McGregor Memorial Endowment – Support of the Dunlap Orphanage Fund • ARP Adoption Assistance Fund & Endowment – Adoption grants to ARP ministers and members

• James Barker Scholarship Fund for Christian leaders – Tuition for orphans to Erskine College

• World Witness Endowment Fund – General ministry operations • The Pakistan Child Sponsorship Endowment – Tuition to schools at Sahiwal, Pakistan • TN/AL Pakistan Nursing Endowment – Scholarships for nursing students at the ARP Hospital

• Bonclarken Endowment Fund • Camp Joy Endowment • Carson Fund for Widows – Support of ARP minister’s widows and families • CEM Foundation (Endowment Fund) • Erskine College and Seminary Endowments – Scholarships and operations • Jean McFall White Endowment – Worship • Hillcrest Fund (Endowment) – Church extension • Oates Evangelism and Training fund – James Kennedy training for ARP Pastors • ONA Endowment Fund – Support of church planting and revitalization • Special Endowment for the ARP Synod – Benefits each ARP Agency • Women’s Ministries Endowment Fund – Support of projects and ministries?

Because of its own endowment, the ARP Foundation makes available at no cost to you, professional resources for designing creative gifts that help meet family goals, reduce, or eliminate taxes and sup- port your favorite ministries. Visit our website at or call us at 864-232-8297 to explore gift possibilities or a bequest from your will to strengthen the ministries of your choosing.

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