Yesterday Sherwood went with his father to the airport to welcome his around the airport. It was bright red and had a big blinking yellow light on

Everywhere it went, a plane or a truck followed it around. After it stoppe Sherwood asked his dad, “Is that a game they play at airports? It looks li

His dad told him, “ No, it wasn’t a game.” He said that the little machine w that planes and trucks didn’t run into each other and got to the place they

The driver of the cart carried a map and a radio so he could safely guide a truck drivers to be certain that they would get to where they were suppose they would not crash into something on the runways. Sherwood said,” Tha

When he got home he was thinking about the security cart and an idea thought. God knows where the dangers are. He knows where we are sup

Later in the night he told his dad, “We’re like the airplanes and trucks that Word, praying and going to His house. He is always there to help us get all our lives.

By Mary D. Bult

A Mother’s or Father’s Day card is always special when a sweet poem is written in- side. Use these ideas or come up with your own!

Acrostic Poems (did you know that this kind of poetry is even found in the Bible? in the Psalms!)

Describe your mom or dad in three words, like these, for example:


Outstanding Magnificent

Delightful Amazing Dazzling

The poems below are a bit like songs, but instead of singing them, you say them. You can rhyme if you want, but you don’t have to:

Here are a few examples: You are my (mom/dad) and I’m so glad You make me happy when I am sad You are the best (mom/dad) anyone ever had!

Mom You cook, sew and clean You wash my clothes, too There’s only one thing to say... I’m so thankful for you!

Dad You work hard all day But you save time for play I love you so much

Because you’re just so great!

A Way to Honor Your Parents

It’s almost Mother’s and Fa- ther’s Day!

(Mother’s Day is

May 12, and Father’s Day is June 16). Maybe you enjoy fixing Mom or Dad a yummy breakfast, or maybe you give them a sweet card and a box of chocolates. Whatever you do for your parents this year, be sure to thank God for giv- ing them to you. Where would you be without them, after all? They work hard all day for you and your whole family! So, take a bit of the load off their shoulders. Offer to help fold the laundry, wash the car, or cook a meal! Clean your room without being asked, and when you are asked, do your best with a good attitude. This doesn’t have to be a twice a year thing. We should all try our best to do it everyday! The Bible says, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” (Ephesians 6:1) Ask God to guide your actions and help you to become more like him each day. Your parents will be quite proud!

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