Large Number of College Students Join local ARP Church

There were sixteen of them - so many that the church video camera could not get them all in the frame. They were all line up in their Sunday best. Facing the congregation, in a united, “I do,” they publicly affirmed the vows of an ARP church member. After the benediction, the new Associate Members lined up to receive the right hand of fellowship and the affirming smiles from the church’s current members. The ARPC has an Associate Membership that allows Christians living away from home on a temporary basis, such as military per- sonnel and college students, to join a local church without giving up membership at their home church. In an age of non-commit- ment, these college students took a stand. The encouragement gained from seeing so many join with Christ Reformed Church in Anderson, SC, was electric. “I’ve not seen this before. Sixteen stu- dents, half Erskine and half Anderson, all joining an ARP church to- gether,” commented Paul Patrick, Chaplain of Erskine College and Director of the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) ministry in Due West, on a FaceBook post. Church members have worked over the years to let area college students know that they are an important part of the church. “The potential Kingdom impact is staggering,” stated Pastor Alexander S. Campbell. “We have an incredible opportunity to shape the spiritual lives of students in a way that will have lasting affects” he added. Campbell, who became a Christian while a Sophomore at Clemson University, remarked, “If you can help to train a young man or woman to attend church, read his Bible, share his faith, tithe, and live to please Christ, as a 19-year-old, they will likely be practicing those same spiritual disciplines when they become a 49-year-old.” And the students love it! Erskine Freshman, Ann Rose Connor, said, “It is awesome to see how the Lord has provided Christian community to me and so many college students. At Christ Re- formed Church, I feel cared for and I know that this care is an ex- tension of God’s faithfulness. By joining this church, I am accept- ing and claiming this expression of grace-filled care.” Katy Elliot, a student at Anderson University from Columbia commented, “It was such a pleasure to join this committed body of believers. I am excited to see what the next few years hold and how God will work through this church and its members.” And, Kara Rabon, who helps lead music at RUF Erskine meetings at “The Barn” said, “It’s been an incredible blessing to be a part of this movement with my own peers and with new friends from Anderson University. Christ Re- formed Church has truly become my ‘home away from home’ and I am honored to have the opportunity to commit to their local com- munity during my remaining college years.” Each generation seems to lament the shallowness and excesses of the upcoming generation. With the modern decline in church attendance and the general moral decay of the nation, this has nev- er been more true. But, the ARPC has reason to celebrate. Young people are making a stand for Christ. College students are commit- ting themselves to the church. The next generation is rising up to bless the previous generation. In many ways, the future is bright, and the sixteen new Associate Members of Christ Reformed Church have just added to the glow of that brightness with their contagious smiles of enthusiasm for the Church of Jesus Christ.?


New Member Induction February 17th, AD 2019

Ann Rose Conner (Erskine Student) Hannah Grace Cunningham (AU Student) Katherine Anne Elliott (AU Student) Ryan Lawrence Gladden (Erskine Student) Noah Michael Jordan (Erskine Student) Paul Lawrence Lawing (Erskine Student) Rebekah Marie Miller (AU Student) Paul Hamilton Patrick (AU Student) Kara Suzanne Rabon (Erskine Student) Kota Wind Riemer (AU Student) Charles Joshua Starnes (Erskine Student) Hunter David Tomlin (Erskine Student) Nathan Daniel Wachsmuth (AU Student) Hannah Lee Grace Wallace (AU Student) John Ethan Wise (Erskine Student) Caroline Mae Woolard (Erskine Student)

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