By Vicki Marsh

other restroom and additional insulation has been installed which should help to lower our utility bills! This will also provide an accessible restroom for women attending events at Synodical Hall and Camp Joy campers when they are near Synodical Hall. Thanks to all who helped by contributing to this project! There was money in our budget for upkeep and the additional funds from you have helped us to pay off this bill. Unfortunately, just like at my house, when you finish one project you look around and the new stuff makes everything


else that needs fixing more noticeable! The wooden floors at Synodical Hall were installed in 1962! They have been sanded and refinished but have been worn past the point of more sanding being an option now. Think of all of the shoes that have walked on the floor in the 57 years since it was installed! Synodical Hall is the only building on the Bonclarken grounds owned by Women’s Ministries so we are responsible for repairs and maintenance for that building. Replacing the floors will take much more than we have in the budget for Synodical Hall—perhaps your local or Presbyterial boards might consider a donation to WM for this. Or, have a fundraiser at your church a meal or a “Tea” with donations desig- nated for Synodical Hall. It doesn’t have to be a Silver Tea or High Tea but some event that can generate donations. Any monies received will be greatly appreciated as we try to raise money for this project. Also this month, don’t forget to sign up for the Family Bible Conference which will be held starting July 29th!?

f you attended last year’s Family Bible Conference or the ARPWM Annual Meeting, you probably heard about the need for an updated (up to code) handicapped accessible restroom in Synodical Hall. I am happy to be able to an- nounce that the work on that project has been completed! In addition, two “taller” toilets have been installed in the

What: A gathering of wives and children who will not be attending Synod in Pennsylvania.

Where: Bonclarken Conference Center When: June 11-13, 2019

The Women of the ARPWM Board would like to host you for two nights at Bonclarken. We are still working on details, but we would provide at least one meal, and would provide housing for both nights.

On Wednesday, we plan to have a program for the children so that the moms could have a morning or afternoon out together.

We have reserved all of the Faith Apartments and are working to secure houses owned by churches. Please respond to Elaine DeVusser at if you are interested in attending. We hope that this can be a sweet retreat, and a time of reunion and fellowship for you!

May/June 2019


Women’s Ministries

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