Accepting the Constructor Award for Armstrong Associates, Inc. are, left to right: Brooke Shields, Bill Shields, Earl Armstrong IV, Earl Armstrong III, Leslie Armstrong, and Stephanie Armstrong.

Excellence in Project

Management for Projects Over $10 Million Constructor Winner: Herzog/Reyes,

A Joint Venture for “Pier E Container Yard/Intermodal Railyard, Phase 1” – Long Beach

Te Pier E Container Yard/Inter- Excellence in Project

Management for Projects $10 Million or Below Constructor Winner: Armstrong

Associates, Inc. for “Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imagery (iMRI) Suite” – Santa Barbara

Te Santa Barbara community is

now home to one of the most techno- logically advanced surgical suites in the world with the completion of the Cottage Hospital’s Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imagery (iMRI) Suite. Contractor Armstrong Associates

collaborated closely with Cottage Hospital staff, Perkins Eastman Architects, and several leading medical equipment specialists to success- fully deliver the unique facility. Construction of the iMRI surgical suite took place over 18 months and in the middle of some of the most sensitive areas of the fully opera- tional hospital – with brain and heart operating rooms located on either side of the suite and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) located above. Tis location added another layer

of complexity and made normal construction operations such as material delivery, hours of operation, and connections to existing utilities extremely challenging. Due to quickly evolving technologies and upgraded medical equipment, the design for the space was being constantly modified,

so construction was essentially a moving target during the first half of the project. Unique features in the space

include lead lined floors, walls, and ceilings in the Angio room and copper lined floors, walls, and ceilings in the MRI room. Two specialized automatic sliding doors, equipped with ferro- magnetic detectors, were imported and installed by engineers from Switzerland. In addition, the MRI unit weighed more than 19,000 pounds and took over 8 hours to travel 400 feet to its final location. Te iMRI Suite combines an

operating environment with the latest in MRI and x-ray imaging technology, delivering innovative technology that provides patients with improved surgical outcomes.

Also selected as finalist in this category

was: Monterey Mechanical Co. for “Sunol Valley Water Treatment Emergency Drought Projects” – Sunol

modal Railyard, Phase 1 project was the centerpiece of the Port of Long Beach’s Middle Harbor Program. As the first facility of its kind in North America, built for the use of automated container movement, it is widely considered to be the most environmen- tally friendly terminal in the world. Herzog/Reyes, Joint Venture was

selected to build this $158 million signature project for the Port of Long Beach. Te project scope included connecting and upgrading two existing shipping terminals and transforming them into a single, unified and fully automated terminal. Te container yard component of the project includes infrastructure to support automated container handing, while the inter- modal yard component was designed and built to support the largest on-dock facility in the world. In addition to managing many

different components of its primary contract, Herzog/Reyes JV coordi- nated with 10 additional contracts that were underway either directly adjacent or within the primary contract limits. Teir ability to navigate and coordinate with these multiple concurrent projects

Accepting the Constructor Award for Herzog/ Reyes, A Joint Venture, are, left to right: Jonathan Magee, Lynn Padderatz, Jennifer Garcia, Clint Larison, Ricardo Jimenez, and Trent Newton.

Associated General Contractors of California 9

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