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Bridge Project” – San Diego; and Kiewit/ Manson, A Joint Venture for “SFOBB East Span Foundation Removal Project, Phase 1” – San Francisco.

Meeting the Challenge of the Difficult Job – Specialty Contractor Classification Constructor Winner: Underground

Construction Company, Inc. for “PG&E Embarcadero-Potrero 230KV Trans- mission Project – San Francisco

Building anything in busy

downtown San Francisco can be a logistical minefield. Tat’s exactly what Underground Construction Company encountered – and overcame – when it took on the highly challenging Embar- cadero to Potrero, PG&E 230 kV Transmission Line Project. Working in the midst of San

Francisco’s congested vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the downtown financial district and AT&T Park neighborhoods was just one of the hurdles that Underground faced on a daily basis. Other challenges included large, complex, deep excavations with numerous utility conflicts, archeo- logical finds, tidal water influence, and multiple changes in scope to circumvent obstacles in the project’s path, to name just a few. Underground brought a solution-

oriented approach to every challenge it encountered. Te contractor instituted an aggressive traffic program to protect both workers and pedestrians. During excavation activities they carefully managed numerous archeological finds, uncovering everything from ship yard beams and pig jaws to pieces of an old San Francisco wharf. Over the course of the project,

Underground encountered an unusually large amount of unmarked utilities. Of the more than 300 utilities they

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crossed over, only 117 of them were marked. Te team had to weave the new duct bank installation under, over and through this web of existing infrastructure. Many vital tasks had to be

performed at night or on the weekends, including some 98,000 lifts with 300 ton cranes for the manhole slab installations. Excavations involved nighttime tunneling underneath critical sewer infrastructure up to 24 feet deep. Tese large and deep excava- tions required innovative approaches to stage equipment and work around. One of the most complicated excava- tions, under an 1890s brick sewer, had to be hand dug, one foot at a time, due to existing utilities and poor soil conditions. Underground Construction’s ability

to think outside the box, overcome obstacles and to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible resulted in a successful, on-time completion in December of 2015.

Also selected as finalists in this

category were: Dynalectric, An EMCOR Company for “Port of Long Beach” – Long Beach, and Rosendin Electric for “Solar Star 1” – Rosamond. 

Accepting the Constructor Award for Underground Construction Company, Inc. are, left to right: Andrew McManus, Chris Stream, George Bradshaw, and Dave Turkington with Black & Veatch.

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