Myers & Sons Construction, LP/Wadsworth, A Joint Venture received the partnering award for the 50-5 Sacramento River and West End Viaduct project, Sacramento.

recognize projects that overcame major challenges and whose success was due in large part to a commitment to partnering, innovation and teamwork.

Projects Under $50 Million Winner: Myers & Sons Construction

LP/ Wadsworth, A Joint Venture: 50-5 Sacramento River and West End Viaduct project, Sacramento

After a competitive procurement,

Myers-Wadsworth, A Joint Venture was awarded the 50-5 Sacramento River and West End Viaduct Project. Te project addressed significant bridge deterioration issues and included deck rehabilitation work and drainage work, among other things. As the first design-build project

for Caltrans District 3 and part of Caltrans’ Design-Build pilot program, the 50-5 project presented both unique opportunities for innovation and unique challenges. In addition to Myers/Wadsworth, JV, the design- build team included several parties not typically part of the core project team including designers, traffic engineers

14 January/February 2017

Partnering Excellence Takes Spotlight T

AGC of California Honors Projects Showing Commitment to Partnering

wo project teams received AGC’s Excellence in Partnering Awards for 2016. Te awards

and the like. While the design-build approach

benefitted the project by allowing for early detection of potential issues, schedule and cost impacts, the use of Partnering also delivered several significant benefits. Partnering helped the team generate and vet ideas and innovations related to traffic control, product research, schedule, and concepts and solutions to add value and cut cost, to name a few. One key innovation stemming from

partnering between Myers-Wadsworth, JV and Caltrans was to group a majority of work tasks into four 55-hour weekend lane closures. Te approach increased productivity and decreased workers’ exposure time to the hazards associated with building next to live traffic on a bridge deck. Cost savings were realized through streamlined mobilization. Stakeholder/corridor impacts were lessened during peak commute times, and overall efficiencies improved as field teams enjoyed greater access to the project site. Partnering also played a key

role facilitating communication and problem solving when unforeseen delays arose that impacted the project schedule. Caltrans and Myers-

Wadsworth personnel engaged in over-the-shoulder planning sessions to identify and vet potential solutions, developing a plan that allowed field and subcontractor teams to mobilize and work in unaffected areas in order to continue project momentum. Although various project and

schedule factors did impact the final project cost, partnering was directly attributable to reducing the contract overage by an estimated 19 percent.

Also selected as finalist in this category

was: Monterey Mechanical Co. for “Sunol Valley WTP Emergency Drought Project,” Sunol.

Projects Over $50 Million Winner: Herzog/Reyes, A Joint

Venture: “Pier E Container Yard/Inter- modal Railyard, Phase 1”, Long Beach

Te Pier E Container Yard/Inter-

modal Railyard, Phase 1 is the first automated container movement facility of its kind in North America and the flagship of the Port of Long Beach’s Middle Harbor Program. Te Inter- modal Yard was designed to support the largest on-dock facility in the world, while the container yard features

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