Building on Members’ Experience in 2017

tions” to all of the award recipients this past year, many featured in this issue. Having attended


a number of the Awards banquets and Safety Awards luncheons throughout the years, I am continually impressed by the accomplishments of our members. As we start 2017, please join me in

welcoming your slate of officers: Walt Johnson (K.G. Walters Construction Co.) as Senior Vice President, Jerome Di Padova (Skanska USA Civil West) as Vice President and Mike Blach (Blach Construction) as Treasurer. Together with CEO Tom Holsman, your executive committee and our dedicated AGC of CA staff, 2017 will be a productive and exciting year. I would also like to say “Tank You

for a job well done” to Jaimie Angus with Griffith Company for his 25-plus years of dedication to our association and his leadership in 2016. Looking ahead, our focus in 2017

will be on leveraging AGC members’ experience and increasing their engagement. I truly believe the strength of AGC of California is directly tied to members and their level of involvement in the association. Tis year I ask all active members to reach-out to a member who is not as involved and invite them to a district or state event. Let’s get more members actively engaged. By doing this, we will increase our exposure, the word will travel, and “Te Voice of the Construction Industry” will become louder. For those of you who attended the

recent Annual Conference in Monterey, I’m sure you noticed some changes – most notably, the increase in attendees. We had over 470 attend and are looking to surpass that this year at the 2017 Annual Conference in Indian Wells

would like to offer a big “Congratula-

October 11-14. Mark your calendars now! On the legislative front, we will

continue to support legislation that is in the best interest of our industry and oppose that which is not. Our advocacy efforts will continue to focus on important issues such as securing transportation and infrastructure funding. We’ll also direct efforts toward AB 219 (the new statute that subjects ready-mix concrete delivery to Califor- nia’s Prevailing Wage Law), as well as legislation associated with apprenticeship ratios, to name just a few. We’ll continue to collaborate with other industry associations on select legislation. Your voice is important in making AGC an industry leader in the legislative arena, so I hope you will plan to attend the Spring Legislative & State Board meetings May 8-9 in Sacramento. As time moves on, change is inevi-

table. Last year, Dave Ackerman announced his retirement. We were fortunate he was able to identify Felipe Fuentes as his successor, and the transition has been seamless. In 2017, we are working on another transition. As many of you heard at the October State Board meeting, Tom Holsman announced his intent to retire at the end of 2017. Tom has been with AGC for over 32 years, and we have our work cut out for us to identify our next CEO. Tom and the officer corps have been discussing this for a while so rest assured, we have a plan. A selection committee has been assembled and is working in conjunction with the officers and a transition consultant. I will keep you updated as we progress through the selection process. To conclude, I am humbled and

honored to serve as your 2017 AGC of California president. I look forward to seeing you at our Officers Installation Banquet on February 3 in Napa at the Silverado Spa & Resort!

Mike Mencarini 2017 AGC of California President

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