profitability of its members through excellent services. Labor relations is one of the key services provided by AGC, and the Industrial Relations (IR) Departments in Northern and Southern California are responsible for delivering this service to the union contractors. Te following brief review of 2016 achievements in negotiations, grievance advocacy, and labor publica- tions exemplifies this commitment to providing excellent labor relations service.

Negotiations & Contract Administration In Southern California, the IR

Department successfully negotiated new Master Labor Agreements with the Southern California Carpenters (2016-2020), Operating Engineers Local 12 (2016-2019), and the Teamsters (2016-2019). Te new Agreements negotiated provide the


Trench Shoring Owner, Wife Chapman ‘Citizens of Year’ Tomas and Sharon Malloy were

recently honored as “Citizens of the Year” during Chapman University’s 35th

annual Chapman Celebrates gala

event on November 5 in Orange. Tey were honored for their support of initiatives and programs at Chapman. Malloy is owner/CEO of Trench

Shoring Company, which over 40 years he has grown from a small aluminum shoring business to one of the largest and most respected shoring companies in the west, with 10 locations including its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. Malloy credits much of the company’s recent expansion and success to the involvement of his children,

24 January/February 2017

Kevin (President), Bridgett (Vice President), Kelley (Vice President) and Ryan (Lake Forest Branch Manager). Malloy has supported education

throughout his life, and the couple are regular contributors to his alma maters. Malloy joined the Board of Governors at Chapman University in 2007 and currently serves on the Board of Trustees, lending his expertise to the Real Estate, Building and Grounds Committees. Tey helped fund and build Musco Center for the Art, which was recognized with the naming of the three-level Tomas E. and Sharon Mallow Grand Lobby.

Gallina LLP Joining CLA Gallina LLP announced it has

joined national professional services firm CliftonLarsonAllen LLP (CLA) effective January 1, 2017. Under the terms of the agreement,

Gallina will assume the CLA name, and Larry Taylor, managing partner of Gallina, will actively serve on the CLA leadership team as chief practice officer. Gallina plans to continue its previously planned Sacramento regional office move from its Rancho Cordova office to Gallina’s Roseville office, according to a release from the firm. Gallina and CLA will double their

expertise in the construction and real estate arena and strengthen capabilities in other industries. 

California Constructor

A Year of Accomplishments in Labor Relations A

By Mark Reynosa, Vice President, Industrial Relations

GC of California’s Mission Statement references that AGC is committed to improving the

industry with stability and a compre- hensive template with keeping our Master Labor Agreements relevant and competitive, which includes a waiver to the State Paid Sick Leave and class action lawsuit protection language. In Northern California, IR

Department successfully negotiated a new Master Labor Agreement with the Northern California Cement Masons (2016-2019), Operating Engineers Local 3 (2016-2020), and the Teamsters (2016-2020). Te new Agreements negotiated also provide the industry with stability and waivers to the State Paid Sick Leave.

Grievance Advocacy Te IR Departments were

responsible for the administration, management, and advocacy of approxi- mately 45 grievances in 2016. Te majority of these grievances were withdrawn or settled before reaching a Board of Adjustment (i.e. grievance hearing). Te objective with each grievance is to assist and advise members and to ensure the integrity of the labor agreement. While grievances related to craft

jurisdictional disputes hasn’t increased in 2016, it is still advised that members continue to ensure that they have proper documentation with their subcontractors (i.e. executed subcon- tracts) and continue to ensure that work assignments are in compliance with the intent of the labor agreement.

Labor Publications (NLRs/SLRs) More than 70 Labor Relations

Bulletins were published and distributed between the IR Depart- ments. Tese informational and advisory bulletins were related to the industry and the Master Labor Agreement such as inclement weather, union wage and fringe benefit increases, and holidays. Tese are just a few of the 2016

accomplishments, and 2017 will be another busy year for the industry. For more information about AGC labor relations services, please visit

our website at IndustrialRelations or contact the IR Department South at (626) 608-5800 or North at (925) 827-2422 when questions or issues arise. 

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