Herzog/Reyes, A Joint Venture, received an Excellence in Partnering award for the Pier E Container Yard/ Intermodal Railyard, Phase 1 project in Long Beach.

innovative automated container handling technology and aims to be the most environmentally friendly terminal in the world. Te unique nature of the project,

to construct a modern container yard facility on an existing site with 100 plus years of historic redevelopment, made schedule and time management particularly challenging. Partnering was an integral tool that helped the Herzog/Reyes Joint Venture team achieve a high level of success in the face of these and many other challenges over the project’s three-and- a-half-year span. Shortly after the project was

awarded, Herzog/Reyes JV and the Port of Long Beach became aware of an operating oil field underneath the site which had not been contemplated in the project’s design or planning – or for the adjacent 10 interdependent projects that Herzog/Reyes JV needed to coordinate. Te success of those projects was interdependent on the prime contractor’s effective navigation of this major, unexpected condition along with other changes that vastly expanded the scope and duration of the main contract. A solid partnering relationship,

developed and cultivated by the contracting team, the port and several third-party stakeholders, helped them overcome and manage the unantici-

pated site condition and myriad other changes on the project. It helped them achieve all the project goals, including maintaining a high level of safety. Despite the fact that the project’s scope expanded to 320,000 self-performed worker hours from an original estimate


Trench Shoring Company was founded in 1973 on our commitment to provide the construction industry with the finest in shoring equipment, including Trench Tops™ (trench plates), Trench Shields™

, Hydraulic

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of half that, the project concluded with no Lost Time incidents and with zero claims. Also selected as finalist in this category

was Hensel Phelps for “SLAC Science and User Support Building” in Menlo Park. 

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