• That all matters regarding the Board of Benefits Report concerning the retirement plan be referred to a Blue-Ribbon committee appointed by the moderator, made up of six members (with the Vice Moderator as a member and chairman) to:

• Investigate and produce an independent report on all matters relating to the ministers retirement plan;

• To work in cooperation with the Special Committee on DMF spending; • To develop a plan for the recapitalization of the retirement plan and offer alterna- tive options and

• To report back to the next meeting of General Synod. • That the recommendation 11 be moved to the Blue-Ribbon committee. (Rec. 11 That the Board of Benefits prepare and disseminate a detailed report on the cost of moving to a defined contribution plan from the current defined benefit plan and report back for a vote at the next meeting of Synod.

• To dissolve the Special Committee on the Concurrent Synod planning effective at the end of the meeting.

• That the “Brief explanation” be included as a footnote to the position statement in homosexuality.

• That we remove the names of the chairman and committee members from the published report on the position statement on homosexuality.

• That the Special Committee on Homosexuality be empowered to revise its explanatory statement to reflect that the position statement has been approved.

• That the Special Synod Committee to Study Homosexual Orientation be thanked for its diligent efforts and the committee be dissolved after it revises the brief explanation of the statement.

• For the committee to speak to the 43% of churches not using any psalter and encourage them to use an approved psalter.

• That the sentence in the World Witness report that “Laura Story led the attendees in worship” should be deleted.

• That the nominations committee be authorized to act as a commission only for the purpose of filling the empty positions on the revisions committee, giving particular attention to those allocated to ruling elders, and to disseminate all names elected to this committee to the clerks of presbyteries, and to conclude this work no later than Dec. 31, 2019.

• That Synod direct its committee on Theological and Social Concerns to interview freemasons including but not limited to, some who are members in the ARPC as part of their task in studying freemasonry.

• That the Theological and Social Concerns committee be tasked with studying in what ways it is or is not appropriate for women to lead in worship and report back to the 2020 Synod with their study and whatever recommendations they deem appropriate based on their study.

• That Seth Yi be approved for service on the committee on Inter-Church relations class of 2025.

• That the 215th General Synod express their thanks to Geneva College and the RPCNA Synod for their warm hospitality in hosting our 2019 concurrent Synod meetings.


Business Continues (Wednesday)

Rev. Gabriel Fluhrer brought the Synod Em- phasis challenge from Luke 9:23, “Then he said to them all: ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.’”

Oram’s donuts, a favorite local bakery, were

provided along with coffee and juice during the break for all delegates to enjoy a time of fellowship. Following the break, Adam Blume presented

 report. A motion was made concerning the report suggesting for alternative options. Following dis- cussion, Rob Patrick asked for prayer that the Lord would provide for this and for the wisdom and provision saying “Our God can work marvelously.” The Special Committee on Denominational Spending didn’t have a report but thanked the delegates for their patience. Patrick Malphrus said, “We are a small denomination but vast in numbers. We are grateful for Brian Such and Roger Wiles for making our work easier. Thank you (Synod) for your patience as we spend more time in this area.” The Special Committee on Homosexual Orien-

tation reported they have a new statement which will be available on the website to replace the 1977 statement. Once revisions have been made, the committee will be dissolved. President Rob Gustafson of Erskine College led the evening worship from John 8:31-36. Calvin talks about the knowledge of God and the knowl- edge of ourselves and how all wisdom is wrapped up in these two things. We can’t have wisdom unless you know God and ourselves. John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Truth has no boundaries. The bomb-  ‘Truly, truly.’” Gustafson closes saying, “If you are           boundaries set for you in scripture. Compliance, obedience, wisdom, honor.” The Presbyterian Reformed Council on Chap- lains (PRCC) reported they have endorsed the most chaplains ever with 24 this year. Of the 300 chaplains, 27 are ARP.

The Special Committee to Review the com- plaint/Appeal in regards to Scott Robar caused Synod to go into executive session. Therefore, I have nothing to report. Nathan Frazier, Vice Chairman for the Commit- tee on Campus Ministry Oversight, showed a video about campus ministry. Business continued through the reports on Inter Church, Investment and Minis- ter and His Works without any further discussion. Rev. Jamie Hunt closed the session praying, “Make us mindful that we represent you in a fallen world. How else are we to believe but to preach the Word.”

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