Final Business (Thursday)

Rev. Shawn Anderson, the RPCNA delegate from Kokomo, Indiana led worship from John 17:1- 5. The manner of the King’s reign is shown in verse 2 considering the kingdom of power and grace. The mission of Christ’s reign was so that he could redeem His people, rule His church and restrain -  The Moderator Elect and the Vice Moderator Elect nominations were accepted and approved. The Theological and Social Concerns committee asked that Synod task the Committee with making a recommendation to the 2020 Synod with revisions to the Elder and Deacon vows to  The committee on Worship will update its list of recommended Psalter and Hymnals on the website. Congregations are encouraged to attend the Bonclarken Music Conference and to use the Psalter. Tom Hellams, Provost of Erskine College explained the current faculty opportunities. Erskine

is preparing for the largest number of students this fall. He asks for prayers to be faithful to the task at hand.

Leslie Holmes, Provost of Erskine Seminary explained three opportunities through the semi-

 will now be offering a Christian Counseling degree. The Seminary is willing to come to your church to discuss church renewal. Synod voted to reinstate the Alumni President’s position as an advisory, non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. They also voted to make the Moderator’s position on the Board of Trustees an advisory, non-voting member. Emotional Kyle Sims explained that Erskine College & Seminary is the most untapped resource available. John Paul Marr read from Psalm 115. “Not to us.” The world refuses to see but asks, “Where is your God?” Those who worship idols become unreal. We should be healthy in Christ’s resurrec- tion, reality, and redeeming. Three times in this scripture we are called to trust in God. We have been tempted to stare at the back of a head and we miss seeing what God is doing. We should be prayerful of the moderator’s challenge to build healthy churches and birth healthy Christians. In all of this, not to us, but to God be the glory. In a light manner, Charlie Edgar challenged Mark Miller to use his Jamie Hunt accent as Read-

ing Clerk.

Nathan Beard presented the Board of Stewardship report. A clearer explanation of the Denomi- national Ministry Fund will be available on the website. Churches are encouraged to give 10%. Alex Pettett, Executive Director for World Witness, reminded delegates that World Witness doesn’t raise missionaries, the church does. There was much discussion about the Lehner family followed by women leading worship which led to the motion for Theological and Social com- mittee to study what ways it is appropriate or not appropriate to lead in worship. David Sides reported, “My heart is in missions!” The Christian Education Report was presented by Ike Hughes. He reported that Iain Duguid will be the writer for The Adult Quarterly. A time of prayer was held for his health. Camp Joy is celebrating 40 years.

See the Memorial section for an update on those. There was a lot of discussion plus additional memorials to discuss. The Nominations committee asked to use Social Media to let delegates know of available positions. The planning committee and Chip Sherer were thanked for their hard work. William Macauley, the oldest delegate present, called for the Synod meeting to adjourn. The 

First Presbytery’s Charter bus load. 12

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