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Second Presbyterial invites you to the annual Silver Tea on

Wednesday, July 31, 2-3:30 pm in Synodical Hall at Bonclarken.

By Vicki Marsh, past President

 In Gastonia, NC, baby bottles are distributed on Mother’s Day and collected on Father’s Day with money collected to sup- port the Crisis Pregnancy Center. My circle heard of a ministry for ladies who have recently been released from prison. This group runs a thrift store and accepts donations of money, clothing and personal items, and provides a place to stay  a group home which seeks to help them recover. Besides giving donations, we provided several “bags with a meal” in which each bag contained the nonperishable items needed for a meal for the group and recipes to help them prepare the meal. The needs are out there—we just have to look!! One of the budget items on the ARPWM annual budget is Retired Missionaries. Each year, the ARPWM sends an amount  separated from most of their families, while spreading God’s Word to others in foreign countries, we felt that it was cer- tainly a worthwhile expense to provide them with this “bonus” each year. This money comes from your contributions to ARPWM as do all of our designated budget items. Please include the retired missionaries as your monthly emphasis during one of the months that you meet! Other suggestions for offering could be the Dunlap Board which helps orphans or Erskine College which is the college in Due West, SC, our denominational college. Have a great summer and keep these dates in mind!


July 29 – August 1 Family Bible Conference at Bonclarken October 12

26 ARPWM Annual Meeting at Bonclarken The Associate Reformed Presbyterian

ummer is a great time to be “on the lookout” for organizations and groups that could use your support! I recently visited a church in Greenville, SC where they have a lemonade stand project to help support adoptive and foster parents in the congregation. Families take a lemonade jar and collect money from a stand of their own or their loose

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