Joint Worship

 Bruce Martin, RPCNA led the worship time. 2 Chronicles 22:10-23. Any ruler should be able to answer to King Jesus. How do we get back to the one that are faithful? There was a heavy emphasis on the priests and the Levites. Is it not the duty today that the line of David is followed? Ruling Elders and teaching elders need to call on our people. The son of David is the king of kings. There is a difference in serving the Lord verses the kingdom of darkness. We need to be careful to call our churches and people to magnify His name. We don’t need to be complacent. We need to honor God. Teach the son of David to raise rulers that are submissive to the son of David. Martins prayer was for God to give us leaders but if He gives us Levites, to help us remember what He has taught us.

215th Opening Worship

Moderator Phillip Malphrus called the 215th meeting of General Synod to order. Rev. Kyle Sims, Vice-Moderator and pastor of First Lancaster read from Acts 2:42-47. With his title of Getting Back to the Basics, he began with the analogy that good coaches never ignore the basic skills. “In the midst of change in our society, we need to look at how it began,” Sims says. The church is a spiritual body. We need to be devoted to apostle teaching. “Teaching of the gospel is primary. Do we hunger for the Word of God,” Sims asks. We need to be devoted to fellowship. The heart of the church must be Christ. Fellowship with Christ took place in the home. When did you have someone over to your home? How are your prayers? We need to pray for the sick but we need to pray for more. “Pray for the big things,” Sims challenges. If we are going to have a strong church, we need to learn from the early church and teach the basics. Communion followed this ser- vice led by Rev. Patrick Malphrus and Rev. Kyle Sims with elders from a variety of ARPC churches.

Synod Business (Tuesday) The biggest topic before Synod including travel plans to Pennsylvania was asking about a quorum. Tuesday, the announcement was made that there was a quorum!

Moderator Phillip Malphrus presented his Retiring Moderator’s address followed by handing over the gavel to Rev. Leslie Holmes. Holmes pre- sented his challenge for the year asking for a prayer for a revival. “He challenged the delegates that we are called to reach out and called to exalt the Lord in Worship. “If we aim at nothing, we will hit it every time,” Holmes said. Holmes provided three books for the delegates, From Embers to a Flame by Harry L. Reeder, J.I. Packers book Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God and Reformed Preaching by Joel Beeke. Delegates were also given a unique cowbell with pins representing the ARPC agencies. The cowbell represented the life and impact of St. Patrick. We

are called to ring them to remind us what we are committed to be. We are called to build healthy churches and birth healthy Christians. Holmes has offered church renewal weekends free to the ARPC from the Erskine Theological Seminary. “We may be small but don’t despise the day of small things. God loves to use the little things to do big work,” Holmes challenges us. The retired ministers since 2018 were recognized by Earl Linderman. Elaine DeVusser greeted the delegates on behalf of ARP Women’s ministries. Inter-church brought forth other Reformed congregation greetings. The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) shared with the delegates the answer to prayer to free Andrew Brunson. This year they have commis- sioned 24 missionaries through missions outreach. Their church plants are up 10%. The Orthodox Presbyterian church presented the moderator with a Trinity Psalter Hymnal. The Presbyterian Church of American has seen an in-

crease in seminary students and they have 454 church planters. The United Reformed Church of North America has 25,000 members in 120 churches. They have a Dutch reformed background. Steve Swepps, the

URCNA delegate said, “You (the ARPC) are older than us and we look up to you.” Heritage Reformed greeted the delegates along with the American Reformed Church.


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