Where There is a Will, There is a Way -- to Make a Transformational Gift


 The life of Winne Phillips is a wonderful picture of this process in practice. Win- nie was known for her sweet and generous spirit both an effective professional fund- raising consultant and as alumni director for Erskine College. She was a Believer  crafted her Will to thoughtfully honor God and her family from her resources by planning gifts to the ministries most important to her with the ARPC Denomina- tion and her church.

t is a remarkable rule of thumb that nearly everyone can give as much at the end of their life as they have given totally during their life. It is not unusual for someone that has regu- larly given $50 per week over a 40-year work career, to be able to make a gift of $100,000 at life’s end, and still provide for family goals!


The good news is that estate plan- ning is no longer reserved for “wealthy” people. A personalized Lifestyle Gift and Estate Design is a useful process  giving careful consideration to the re- lationships most important to us as the foundation for a plan. A relational set of documents including a Will that pro- vide context for what we value most. The foremost relationship for the Be- liever is acknowledging that the Lord is the source of our wealth and owner of all of it. Estate planning then becomes a practical stewardship process as man- agers of His assets. If we follow tradi- tion alone and give away thousands of dollars, but never ask the Owner what He wants us to do with His resources at the end of our lives, we can easily miss the mark. That is to say, not only giv- ing the right assets to the right people, but honoring Christ, the Owner of it all, through thoughtfully planned gifts to the ministries we love. In that context, many are motivated to have a substantial individual impact on the Kingdom by simply naming their church and favorite ministries as

At her homecoming at 98 years in April 2018, Winnie made estimated gifts from her estate totaling an amazing $1.9 M including her church and ARPC ministries.   and would want people to know her motivation for giving was that she loved Jesus and gave from a grateful heart.” She was a successful businesswoman, but didn’t have an easy life. She had polio as a child, and her father died when she was very young and she was caregiver for her mother during a long illness. In spite of her challenges, it is clear from her life and Will documents that much of her joy came  The amount Winnie left to ministries

          will have an ongoing and profound eternal impact through many changed lives. Lives enriched by music and an opportunity for a Christian education at Erskine. Lives young and old alike through fellowship, inspiration and discipleship at Bonclarken Conference Center. Lives touched by renovation and maintenance of her beautiful church fa- cilities; Lives across the globe hearing the Gospel through the missionary out-     funds for Outreach North America to plant a new church. Fortunately, the role and importance of relationships in the planning process is the same regardless of the amount of the assets the Lord has entrusted to each of  intentional. The ARP Foundation offers a simple, but thorough process at no cost to    customized programs for ARP churches. Steve Nichols I Director of Gift Planning I 918 S. Pleasantburg Drive I Greenville, SC 29607 I 864.232.8297 ext. 250

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