Pastoral Wives Gathering The ARP & RPCNA wives were invited to attend a Pastoral Wives gathering at the College

Hill ARP Church. It was a time of singing, fellowship and encouragement. The wives learned more about each other by playing a game of questions called “Yes I Have”. Conversations were ignited by their answers. The ladies were able to realize that even though they were from different denominations and geographical locations, they had a lot in common.  were involved in and experiences they have had as a Pastor’s wife.

Crown & Covenant with Christian Education Ministries Seminar

Drew Gordon, editor of RP Witness is also in charge of several resource websites includ- ing that allows you to view the Psalms in different ways. has sermons from 80 of the 100 RPCNA churches. The magazine is printed six times a year and is available in a digital format as well. Lynne Gordon, managing editor of Crown & Covenant, showed several new resources that will be available this year including the new small bound Larger Catechism and the 10th Annual Book of Psalms. Their biggest project is the Grassmarket Press which will create guides to Pres- byterian faith and life. Director of Communications, Susan Tanner, presented the new ARP app. She shared different aspects of the ARP Magazine and how it is a resource for everyone in the church. She is also in charge of several websites including Christian Education Ministries Executive Director, Brent Turner, described the three areas they manage. Training, camps and conferences, and resources. This is the 40th year of Camp Joy and it is spreading to other states. The ARP Bookstore is full of reformed, board approved and affordable materials.

World Witness Ministry Seminar

Alex Pettett, Executive Director of World Witness & David Hanson, President of RP Global Mission Board, were among the speakers at the World Witness Ministry Seminar. 

World Witness has missionaries in 24 countries throughout the world, and will celebrate 180 years of sharing the gospel this year. In Pakistan, World Witness supports Christian schools and a Christian hospital that are uti- lized to share the gospel through employees and volunteers that love the Lord. As many as 94% of the patients that come to the hospital are Muslim and an estimated 100,000 children are in need of education. The RP Global Mission Board supports missionaries in Japan, South Sudan, India and Paki-

stan. They have had a presence in South Sudan since 2004 and are currently preparing to send new missionaries to the area.

Moderator Elect and Vice Moderator Elect Wayne Frazier nominated elder Rob Roy McGregor, III. He is a member of Back Creek ARP

Church, NC. He has been a deacon, elder and congregational chairman. He plays the organ and piano. McGregor has been the moderator of First Presbytery and served on several committees. He is full of wisdom and in the heat of the moment he shows the fruits of the spirit. “He is the only person whom avidly reads the Bible and the Federal Reserve,” Frazier says. McGregor re- ceived his BA and MA from Clemson University and a PHD from USC. He is currently a Profes- sor of Economics at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, NC. Andrew Shoger seconded the motion saying McGregor shows Christ’s example of leadership. Rob Roy McGregor, III nominated Reverend Rob Patrick from Boyce Memorial ARPC. “I value Rob’s knowledge, wisdom, experience, and pastor’s heart,” McGregor said. Patrick is a graduate of Clemson University and Erskine Seminary. He has been an Associate Pastor at First Gastonia, then pastor of Clover ARPC, Bartow ARPC and now Boyce Memorial. He has served on the Minister and His Works committee for First Presbytery.

July/August 2019 13

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