Jesuwon Community Church Organized

Sunday, March 10, 2019 was a joyous day at the Jesuwon Community Church, ARPC. Located in Horsham, PA, this Korean congregation affili- ated with Northeast Presbytery became a mission church six years ago.

The founding pastor, Rev.

Sung Jong Yoon, was pleased to be part of a bi- lingual presbytery with 14 other Korean churches. At the time of being received into NEP, there

were about 60 people attending the Sunday ser- vices in a leased church building. Half-a-dozen home groups meet on Saturday nights 8pm un- til 1:00am. In March, 2019 when the church was officially organized, these numbers have grown to over 175 people attending Sunday services in a church-owned building and with over a dozen home groups meeting weekly.


Church also sponsors the Rev. Joshua Jung, a co- operative missionary with World Witness who is engaged in church-planting ministries in Aguas- calientes, Mexico. At the Organizational Service, Mr. Yoo Sik Park

and Mr. Hyun Seok Ro were ordained as Ruling Elders and installed to form the Session of the Church along with Rev. Yoon, Pastor, and Rev. Young Jin Moon, Associate Pastor. Rev. Moon had recently been received as a member of NEP at its March 7-8, 2019 meeting. The Organizational Service was presided by Rev. GJ Gerard, Chairman of the Korean Transition-Ad- ministrative Commission of NEP. Rev. Dr. Ridge Orr, Moderator of NEP, was the guest speaker. Rev. Daniel Rhee, Vice-Moderator of NEP, gave an official welcome to the congregation as the newest member church of Northeast Presbytery. In the accompanying photograph the persons

are (l-r): Front Row: Mrs. H.S. Ro, Mr. H. S. Ro, Rev. S.J Yoon, Mrs. S.J. Yoon, Mr. Y.S. Park, Mrs. Y.S. Park.

Gaston Community Church Building Dedication

Gaston Community Church was a church plant that began under the First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in downtown Gastonia in March of 2008. - formed Presbyterian Church on Sunday afternoon, December 6, 2009 at a worship service held at Gaston Day School. Includ- ing the children, there were 136 charter members. The Church   church were installed.

In early 2010, the corporate status of Gaston Community

 the corporation.

In January of 2013, the church approved the purchase of its

 Gaston Day School. Later that year, in December 2013, the church ordained and  In 2014 the church hired a company to work with our con-

gregation to design a master plan for our property. Later, the church hired a Capital Campaign Company to help us raise  In 2018 part of the wooded property was cleared and con-

struction of the new building began. The building and parking lot were completed in March - vice in the new building was held on March 24, and an of-  held on Sunday May 5, 2019. After eleven years meet- ing in the school, it was a     building. Already the church has begun having events that would not have been possible previously. Our hope is that the Lord will help us expand our outreach in our commu- nity in the years to come!

July/August 2019


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