Closer to God BY RON BEARD

Sherwood was looking forward to visiting his grandparents’ farm during the summer. It was a great place with lots of interesting things to do. There were the farm animals to feed. The horses would get oats, the cows would have hay put out for them and the pigs would have what his granddaddy called a “mash” meal.

Cows were to be milked, and horses to be ridden. He remembered that on his last visit he had pulled corn, picked vegetables and gathered eggs from the hen nests.

He enjoyed helping with all the “chores”, as granddaddy called them, but there were other things to do there that he could not do at home. Last year he made helicopters out of chicken feathers and corn cobs, climbed tall trees to look out across the farm while he ate fresh-picked apples, and every afternoon he explored the deep woods.

The most fun thing he did was to swing out over the big creek in the pas- ture on a rope tied to a big tree limb while the cows all watched. There was nothing like dropping off into the clear, cool waters of the creek.

While sitting at the dining table that evening he asked his parents when they were going. They said soon, but he thought, “not soon enough!” He asked them why it always seemed so special to visit the farm. Was it just because it was different from home? His Dad said, “That’s part of it, but I always felt closer to God there”.

Sherwood asked,”Why?”. His Dad explained that working on the farm, being out in the woods, swinging over the creek, all of it helped you realize what a wonderful world God has given to us. Somehow in all the busy rushing about at home with school, work and everything else, we get so busy that we forget to look around and see all the wonders of God’s world.

That made a lot of sense to Sherwood, and he decided right then to spend more time looking at the wonders of God’s creation and thanking Him for them.

By Mary Drew Bult

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