Memorials MEMORIAL #1

CANADIAN PRESBYTERY MEMORIAL (Freemasonry): The Canadian Presbytery memorializes the General Synod of the ARP to direct the Theological and So- cial Concerns Committee to study and compile the scriptural teaching on “secret societies” and create a policy and draft a public statement regarding mem- bership in such societies; and further, to return with the results of the study no later than the meeting of the 2020 ARP General Synod.

MEMORIAL #2 (Sent to Minister & His Work minus B.) NORTHEAST PRESBYTERY MEMORIAL (FOG Chapter 9): Northeast Presbytery, ARPC, respectfully memori- alizes the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church to establish a Special Commit- tee to give study to and to make recommendations for, revisions to Chapter Nine (The Minister) of the Form of Government (FOG), with particular atten- tion given to the following: A. Identify and increase the personal accountability and responsibility of all ministers to the presbytery in which they are a member. B. Provide for the position of Assistant Pastor serv- ing in local churches and being a member of a par- ticular presbytery. C. Clarify the responsibilities and authorities of ministers serving as missionaries of the ARPC or other non-ARPC mission agencies.


TENNESSEE-ALABAMA PRESBYTERY MEMO- RIAL (Letters to Government): Since we are uniquely and wonderfully made, and made in the image of our Creator, we, the members of the Tennessee/Alabama Presbytery, therefore

call upon the Synod of the Associate Re- formed Presbyterian Church: to write a letter to the members of Congress, and to the United States Supreme Court, and to the President of the United States, re- minding them of the sacredness of life; calling to their remembrance that God establishes all who rule, and that all men, includ- ing Civil Servants, will one day give an account to the Lord Jesus Christ of their deeds done on this earth. (The Moderator will write.)


That General Synod also write a letter equal to Memorial #4 and that it be sent to the members of Parliament, Supreme Court, Prime Minister & Governor General of Canada and that both let- ters convey to our leaders our prayers for them.

MEMORIAL #6 (Revised Memorial #3) The committee recommends that General Synod refer to the Revisions Committee to give study and to make recommendations for revisions to Chapter Eleven, paragraphs 11:23 and 11:24 (or- ganization of a mission into a church) of the Form of Government (FOG), with particular attention given to the following: A. Paragraph 11:23 states: ONA guidelines for incorporating an organized church shall be followed.” B. Paragraph 11:24 is nearly identical to FOG Paragraph 9:54, sub- paragraph L. Is it necessary to have this identical material placed in two locations of the FOG?

MEMORIAL #7 The committee recommends that General Synod take the time to pray for our leaders surrounding the issues of abortion and sanctity of life.

Women’s Ministries Greetings By Elaine DeVusser, Women’s Ministries President

n the past year, the women have completed a renovation project on Synodical Hall, making the single occupant bathroom accessible to those in  to be in keeping with the beautifying efforts that Bonclarken is putting forth. We do not wish to be the only building on the premises that hasn’t shaken the 80’s off.


God has been faithful to the ARP in continuing to raise up men for this denomination. Men who are faithful to the Word of God. Men whom He has enabled to preach conviction and the truth of the gospel, without shame. I learned when we moved to Johnson City, and my comfortable and depend- able church bubble popped, that this is not at all common and certainly not to be taken for granted. I listen to a discernment podcast and hear horror stories of twisted scripture and, in some cases, the ditching of it altogether. We are thankful for you. We are thankful to you all for being and doing that which God has gifted you for and called you to. Beyond preaching faithfully, you are shepherds to your congregations. You aid the women of your church and the denomination in choosing study books and speakers. You also shepherd this denomi- nation as you time and time again demonstrate your willingness to do the hard things in order to prevent a softening towards the ways of the world, or to uphold and defend the safeguards that we have because of the wisdom of those who came before. This, too, is uncommon. We see around us, those who turn their backs on the truth in response to pressure from the outside world. Thank you for not following suit. Because of God’s provision of you, and your perseverance, the women of this denomination are protected as we meet, study, learn, and serve. We

desire to have and are grateful for your wise council. For many of you, your current situation is one of much expectation and, sadly, little appreciation. I want you to hear that you are certainly appreci- ated and that we do thank God for you! 

July/August 2019 11

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