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Unspeakable Tragedies Bring Out The Best In Our Members By Doug Booher, CFE

  continued the positive trajectory of our membership growth with now more than 5,500 members on the rolls.

Photo provided by Doug Booher, CFE The new year marks the midpoint of my term as IAVM’s chair, and

so I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight the valuable contribu-   committed volunteers. At the board’s meeting during VenueConnect  deliver value to you, our member, by committing to our promise of Inspiring Leaders, Building Expertise, and Creating Connections for Life. Our thoughtful and robust discussion led to the idea that we will identify and implement initiatives to ensure that IAVM is more inclu- sive, more connected, and more relevant than ever before. Later in the conference, I had an opportunity to share areas of focus with the members in attendance, and would like to share our progress on each   

More Inclusive As a member-driven association, our work is accomplished through a meaningful collaboration between dedicated member volunteers and          - rently representing our venue sectors and regions--engaged in all fac- ets of the association’s operation--from planning conference content  committee appointments, our Member Engagement Committee, with the capable leadership of Lynda Reinhart, is busily identifying new opportunities for our members to participate in the life of the associ- ation. In this new year, you will be hearing more about these exciting initiatives for IAVM. Another exciting development is the creation of   - combe as chair, the committee is working with IAVM CEO Brad - portive and an inspiring force for everyone in our profession. Alexis Berggren’s leadership of the Membership Committee, along with the

More Connected  the words networking and community were mentioned constantly. As you may have noticed at VenueConnect 2017, there was a greater   conference experience. This will continue to be the approach for fu- ture face-to-face meetings and conferences. IAVM’s region and sector directors have increased their communication to the members they represent with period newsletters, VenueNet postings, and an impres- sive array of chapter and region meetings in Lexington, KY, Padre   highly accessible to our members, and strengthen our community of professionals in the venue management industry. The connections that are created through IAVM assist our members in developing their ca- reers, improving operations, and seeking assistance and advice during times of crisis, as we witnessed during this fall’s devastating series of disasters and attacks.

More Relevant   our members. Focused on our greatest responsibility, EMSSI, the se- curity initiative being developed to facilitate exhibition venue’s appli- - cation for other sectors is being carefully studied. Initiatives for energy management, training, business development and other key industry trends are also in the process of being designed and implemented.   the Washington State Convention Center, has been very active provid- ing advocacy in support of our venues and industry on topics includ- - unteer leadership continues to represent our association to share our important initiatives at other industry conference panels and sessions including at Expo! Expo!, Billboard Touring Conference, and IMEX.

As I begin the second half of my term as Chair, I am excited by the

  still to be accomplished. Your concerns and suggestions are not only welcomed, but are encouraged. Please don’t hesitate to share them by emailing me at, or contacting a member of the    advance our association, industry and members. Thank you to all who are actively engaged in moving IAVM forward. FM


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