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The Road To Career And Personal Success Begins With You | By Frantzer Le Blanc UNIVERSITIES:

- ber asks us a simple question: “What do you want to be when you - er, nurse etc. …. then we start to dream of our future selves in these roles. Now as growing professionals, the same question remains. What do you want to be when you grow up? In response to this question, we state our goals and dream job, but what do we do to actually pursue these goals. Instead of visualizing these jobs coming true we need to  need to do is …

Fight the enemy within The fact is we are exactly where we are because of the decisions we made. It is easy to get comfortable and start making decisions to avoid failure or risk and not pursue our dreams. At some point in all our      - pointment, and we will all fail. But It is what we do in response when facing -  Alabama football coach, Nick Saban, in response to his 2016 national championship loss said, “I don’t want - sions or taking risks. Rather, embrace it and make sure you learn from  


“Do not wait to be motivated to start your process. You have to just act!”

  Make these individuals a part of your network that you can go to for advice. Next you need to commit to … Developing yourself  not wait for someone to believe in your future. You have to invest in yourself. Start your day by listening to podcasts or YouTube videos that address the skills you want to learn and characteristics you want to develop. Watch Ted Talks and Impact Theory videos of successful people and learn from their stories, failures, and successes. Read books about leadership and develop your leadership style even if you don’t have direct reports currently. Go after furthering your education by  in a month, that will help develop your character and your skill set.  is time and a commitment to pursue knowledge. At this point, if you do not have people who believe in you, then        Take risks and contact people you want to be mentored by even if you

- one says yes. You have to take initiative to take control of your life and  to knock on its door and refuse to leave. Then commit to …

Start with the end in Mind  what these are you can start to plan out your next steps. Where do  pursuit of this dream? What are the skills you need to learn through- out each step? For example, I wanted to start a public speaking ca- reer. However, when I spoke in public at that time, I would stutter and sweat from nervousness. I set a goal in the summer on 2016 to be able to speak at a conference in a year’s time. Throughout that year, I took notes from every person I saw speak, and studied their non-ver-   meetings. I volunteered to speak at classes as much as possible and focused on critiquing my performance. I even invited people to come with me that would critique my performance as well. I learned and grew from each experience every time, whether I was awful or good. I built this skill over the course of the year until I was comfortable. At the end of this past summer, I was able to successfully speak at two conferences. Now, I set new goals for public speaking that are in line with my ultimate goal in this area. There are times when we have to have an honest conversation with ourselves and acknowledge our weaknesses and go after building that skill set. Look at your goals, and Identify the characteristics and skills that are needed to achieve them. If you do not possess those skills, make a plan to grow in that area. You are only a Google search away from being  to be in and connect with them. Ask them what it takes to be successful

Being a lone wolf - fortunately, there are more people who don’t go after their goals than people who do. Because of this, you could be on this road by yourself until you are able to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. You need to be OK with this.  talks about this subject. The more you focus on personal development,    each other, read books together, and challenge each other to pursue greatness.   

      to just act! Remember, when things get tough and you do not see the results you want as quickly as you want them, you have to stay the course. Celebrate the small victories and make sure you make failure a learning lesson and nothing more. Sharon Lechter and Greg Read wrote a great book on professional perseverance called “Three feet from Gold,” which is very inspiring and a must read. Herun Yahya once said, “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place   question.” FM

Frantzer Le Blanc is Director of Events and Operations for the UMBC Event Center, OakView Group, Facilities, in Baltimore, Maryland.


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