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Common ground and cross-overs span great distances between our  during the week at panel discussions and town halls. The list is not unfamiliar. • Work - Life Balance Not surprising, this question crosses generations and many points

of view. The unilateral response from the featured speakers was “still working on it”.

All agree that working hard and long hours is the

baseline expectation from employers. Younger venue team members are pushing older ones to prioritize this balance which is healthy and sorely needed.         

performing teams Simply put - Hire great people… Provide them resources… Get out

of the way!

  With the recent tragedies of Manchester and Las Vegas, the screen-

ing of patrons-fans, vehicles and constant awareness of the venue precinct -neighborhood is becoming regular procedure for all events. Patrons-fans are starting to not only expect it but desire that screen- ing. Eliminating bags all together in the venue may become the new  become a renewed priority for constant awareness. • Employee key job performance factors Feedback… feedback… feedback…is the expectation both to and

from the employee on a regular basis. Training is no longer after-  • Creative thinking within the team Creative initiative is becoming more of an expectation of senior managers from their teams. Giving those teams time, space and license to engage in creativity brainstorming is the start. • Essential technologies advancements

Robust web connectivity in all venue spaces is the new normal and

expected by all stakeholders. The introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) into Live Event attendance could be a concern for the future of those events.

Why are Venue Managers international?

It has been said perhaps too often…or perhaps not often enough… but what both our IAVM and VMA professional associations prove in real terms is that we are One World… engaged with excellent venue   do is the call for strategic thinking. Where will we be in short and long term ahead? What challenges we face today will evolve in what manner and how are we prepared to best address the opportunities presented? Our schools present a fantastic forum for those discussions and how our One World is reality. Any senior venue manager could   expansion of our stakeholder relationships starting with our venue  a core value of our Associations which once again supports our Inter- national identity.

Why VMS? The value of professional development at the IAVM and the VMA schools goes far beyond dollars and cents, setting job candidates apart, and often delivering beyond expectations. I think it is fair to say that  test of time. Certainly, one can see this in the quality of the students continuing to attend both Schools which is testament to the wise in- tuition of their managers who send them for these experiences and relationships. One quote from this week’s GI work sessions hits home in this re-

gard… “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” - Jack Welch

Thank You, Mates! I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to the IAVM Board of Regents and the VMA Venue Management School for this amazing experience. Thank you to the 2017 Venue Management Association’s Venue Management School Committee, Madam Chair, the Instruc-  of whom have become my new “Mates”. Most of all I wish to thank the 2017 VMS Students for their hard work and salute them as Inter- national Venue Professionals!


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