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Many a successful basketball team has been known to call on a Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside to lead a team’s success. These are two players with distinct skill sets to shoot from a perimeter distance (Mr. Outside) as well as to impact the game under the basket (Mr. Inside). With the NCAA Men’s Final Four heading to San Antonio’s Alam-

- pionship on April 2, 2018, the venue has its own version of talent and   CFE. To borrow from the basketball analogy, just chalk up Zito as Mr.    Together, they bring several years of experience to their positions as part of a dynamic team at the Alamodome. The two talked some   including customer service, safety and security, the venue itself, and of course why San Antonio is the perfect location to host college basket- ball’s own version of the Super Bowl.

Put on your CVB hat. Why San Antonio and why the Alamo- dome for the Final Four?

Steve Zito: We were talking with Nick (Langella, Alamodome Gen- eral Manager) during a University of Texas at San Antonio football - terviewing folks. The Alamo Bowl celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, while 2018 will be the 25th anniversary for the Alamodome. The City of San Antonio also celebrates its 300th anniversary next year. There is so much going on. The true testament for us is the building. That’s where people are commenting about what a wonderful building this is. The $60 million of improvements is just awesome. When you see this building in mo- tion during an event there is an excitement and an intimacy here. We have new technology, new video screens that make it like sitting in your living room. There is a new lighting system and a new sound system. I

mean, there is a pulse in this building that is awesome.

Darius Dunn:  most about it. I came here in August 2016 from Houston, where I helped open the new stadium on the campus of the University of   been here quite a long time. To come here and have $60 million in upgrades … it’s a lot of Christmas for those guys who have been here to see their old home get a renovation and all those kinds of things. It’s an exciting time for all of us.

Talk some about your respective roles as you prepare to host not only the Final Four but all the other events that play in the Alamodome including a myriad of sports, concerts and more.

Steve Zito: From a Final Four perspective, this is the big event with all the planning for the event, the coordination and communication with our entire team, and security, which is a big deal. I am serving as the direct liaison for the Final Four. I came back to San Antonio this past February and we have constantly been preparing for all aspects leading up to the Final Four. The security designation for the Final Four is sim-  when it comes to security. We have created an extended perimeter plan where we actually do our bag search and walk-through metal detectors at the property line rather than at the door. We have done security  leading. We have worked with our local and federal law enforcement agencies, the National Weather Service, and even had a 45-minute exercise about food adulteration, which is an area that hasn’t really been broached in our business. Guest services is another area where we have created a new culture

program. For that, we basically started a rally prior to the UTSA foot-  

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