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Co-Editors: Dr. Kimberly Mahoney, CVP & Prof. Gil Fried THE FACILITY DOCTORS

Topic: Teaching on the collegiate level…what does the public assem- bly facility manager need to know? Part 1.

Response By:   

It is a popular idea for industry professionals to consider teaching at

 so. And why not? You have the chops. You have earned the street cred. Giving back to the next generation of PAF managers is a logical next step in your expanding career. Who better to learn from than someone who has already made all the mistakes. Hardly a month goes by when I do not receive at least one call

from an industry professional inquiring about teaching at my univer-         to help. I have worked with more than 200 industry professionals in their transition from the building to the classroom. As they say in the commercial, I have seen a thing or two.  -

  understand and appreciate if the decision to explore teaching on the  my intent is to use my industry experience to set the framework so you have a better idea of what it takes to be successful. When I receive “the call,” I take my time to learn about you and

what you would like to accomplish. As our conversation unfolds, I lis-  training? Are you comfortable speaking to large groups and a wide -   why as much as the how? I also listen for your levels of experience and education to determine

    My university, like others, requires a minimum of a master’s degree to -   also like to hear if you have guest lectured, presented at industry func- tions, or served on a university advisory board. All of this shows me you have the potential to be successful with my students. My next step in preparing you for the transition is to have you pres-

ent in a class. I work with you to determine which subject area makes sense for the both of us. I partner you with another instructor to help you develop your “lesson.” I will sit in on your presentation to review how you and the students interact. I look for levels of preparation and how well the presentation connects with the subject material. I watch your mannerisms, movement in the room, and eye contact, and listen   with war stories? Are you comfortable in the class? Are the students engaged? I also follow up with instructor to get their feedback on how well you worked together. At my university, teaching is a collaborative 

After your presentation, we determine if we are both still interested

in you pursuing a teaching opportunity. We talk about the level of com- mitment needed. Hopefully, your preparation for this guest lecture has demonstrated clearly that good instruction and student learning takes time. I want to ensure you understand that preparing for one class is  spend a minimum of two hours in preparation for every hour in the classroom. Additional time will be spent assisting students outside of class, completing administrative duties, and grading assignments. We also discuss that teaching must be a priority in your daily work

 I need to know that you will not miss classes because of last minute - ning late from a load-in. I have to know you will be able to review stu- dent work and submit grades in a timely manner. Even if it means you  I have to know I can trust you to be available electronically to students on a regular basis outside of required class time. In fact, I, like many  student meetings and discussion. So, if we both agree this will work, we begin the process of deter- mining a class for you. Next time, we will discuss the process of suc- cessfully preparing and delivering a course on the collegiate level. FM

Kim Mahoney, Ph.D., is assistant professor in the college of business sports man- agement department, and Gil Fried., J.D., is professor – chair in the college of business sport management department both at the University of New Haven.


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