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 may not be available to every organization. In fact, many of our colleagues at smaller PAC’s around the country

 This makes their job harder, and it makes the industry’s job harder, because whatever you decide to do… what we CANNOT do… is nothing. The number one priority, for each and every one of us, is to do whatever we can to secure our venues. Our primary re- sponsibility is doing what we can to make sure that every living soul that walks through our doors (front doors, stage doors, or admin doors) goes home with a smile on their  Like many of you, at the Apollo we have taken concerted and de-

“It all starts with awareness. We spend a

considerable amount of time ignoring our egos and looking for weaknesses in security posting plans.”

liberate steps to increase our team’s safety and security experience and education. I am personally reading everything I can get my hands on, meeting with law enforcement professionals (local, regional, and na-   online FEMA courses, watching safety and security webinars, attend- - ipating in IAVM’s Trained Crowd Manager (TCM) … just to name a few.

It all starts with awareness. We spend a considerable amount of time ignoring our egos and looking for weaknesses in security posting plans. We need to constantly reevaluate existing SSC procedures (cre- -    in the way we do “things.” I regularly ask industry colleagues for their advice and counsel and to share what they are doing at their venues. Here are a handful of basic questions to ask of your team. 

 discuss the same items? Recently, at the Apollo we have implemented a “Good Catch!” program. This is also known as “Near-Miss.” Each

    When they notice a safety or security concern they write a brief de- scription of the potential incident, and the actions they took to mitigate the incident from becoming a reality. At the post-event meeting they turn them in to their supervisor and their “Good Catch!” is shared with the rest of the team. The good catch cards are entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 Visa gift card. Each employee is encour- aged to enter as many times as they like to generate a culture of awareness. No one knows a venue bet- ter than the people that run them. They know every door, window, and roof hatch. If you want to know your ven-

ue’s weak spots, make sure they are on your safety and security com- mittees (SSC) so you can ask them. If you do not already have a SSC,  this article. This may sound like a paid announcement for IAVM, but it cannot

be stressed enough the value of their life safety programs. The AVSS content is robust and immensely relevant to our industry. In addition to the educational tools you gain, you will leave with a solid network of like-minded professionals that are in the same boat as you. The contacts made at AVSS will last a lifetime. My personal experience at AVSS was so valuable I asked IAVM to

provide the onsite Trained Crowd Manager course to our entire front-       My team was engaged the entire time, and was able to immediately begin putting into practice the skills they acquired from the session. The world has changed, and we must change with it. FM

Joe Levy is general manager of the Apollo Theater in New York, New York. IAVM 13 13

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