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Paula Green Gets the Job Done with a Smile at Fair Park, TX | By Dee Ann Hirsch Behind every venue professional, there is an army of individuals


who help make facilities great – many of whom are not necessarily members of IAVM, but are nonetheless vital to venue operations and success. They may be in skilled-trade positions, responsible for custo- dial duties, or even serve as administrative assistants. Whatever their positions, without them we would be lost! Frequently taking on critical tasks, frustrated patrons, early or late set-up and tear-down activities, and even unpleasant cleaning tasks, these venue warriors tackle their chal- lenges with both determination and a smile, and they elevate our venues’ performance. One such venue warrior  Fair Park, TX!, and this is her story. 

at Fair Park where she is responsible for many of the purchasing and ac- counts payable duties. She has three coworkers who keep the accounting, contract management, and budgeting functions operating smoothly for the 277-acre, multi-venue complex. Over the past year, her department experi- enced a 75 percent attrition rate, leav-  ensure continuity of operations in an extraordinarily complex business envi-  are evident in her approach to her po- sition. Green’s work day philosophy is sim-

about a sense of family. “When I came to Fair Park in 1995,” she says, “it felt like more of a family-type entity. Everyone here is someone you   know I need help, my boss or anyone, and they always help me. Even though I know it is a business, I like the small family atmosphere that Fair Park has.” Over 22 years, Green and Fair Park have both seen a lot of changes, but she says those changes have allowed her to meet “more awesome people.” Those people think that she is pretty awesome herself.                    things at Fair Park are top notch. She       change readily. But, it’s more than that.  that when Paula is working on it, the task will get done.” Green feels her greatest contribution

“I want to ensure my coworkers have all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies they need to get their jobs done as quickly as possible.”

ple. “I want to ensure my coworkers have all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies they need to get their jobs done as quickly as possible,” she says. “Also, to ensure our vendors and suppliers are paid in a timely fashion so we stay in good standing with them.” While those duties are typical of any business, Green takes her job seriously. Operating as a one-woman show for most of the past year, she felt, and took on, a lot of responsibility. “Even though it was stressful at times, I still knew I couldn’t disap-

point my coworkers and our vendors. It was a struggle,” Green says  but, I wasn’t alone! My coworkers were wonderful in assisting me to help determine what was most important. Without the team, I don’t think things would have been accomplished.” When asked what happens at Fair Park without her, Green’s com- mitment to her team is evident. “I feel like something might happen  Without me, there is no back-up, and I just want to be here to make sure they have what they need. Even though we can call another de-   here.” That is what makes Green so committed to her position. It is all

to Fair Park is that she is dependable. She describes herself as having a strong work ethic – someone who will take charge and get things done. She likes that her door is always open, and she stops to help anyone in need of assis- tance. She is right. She is all that and something more! Green is a classic example of some- one behind the scenes who elevates

their workplace. Her desire to serve and support her teammates has      - ers respect her. “Paula can always shift into another gear,” says Roland Rainey, General Manager at Cotton Bowl Stadium. “She can always step it up another notch to get things accomplished, while still taking care of her regular duties.” Rainey recalls a time when Green caught an oversight that would have caused the stadium to go without cable service for a critical game. “She followed that all the way through to make sure it was taken care of. She’s always sharp and keeps things working.” Rainey says it best by saying, “She makes things work.” Green consistently faces down daunting tasks with a kind word and

a smile, and it easy to understand how she took the challenges of this past year in stride. She did it with a positive attitude, professionalism, and grace. Paula Green is the sort of employee that every employer dreams of and every venue needs. FM

Dee Ann Hirsch is Senior Park Manager, Fair Park, TX, in Dallas. IAVM 25

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