The MAC Building Dedication By Matt Kuiken, pastor of Gastonia ARPC I

n 2012, First ARP Gastonia began a strategic planning process, prayerfully considering ministry vision and goals for the next twenty-five years. Through the leadership and participation

of many, God steadily revealed a clear purpose and direction for a kingdom campus – an entire city block for worship, discipleship and various kinds of gospel outreach. Over the next seven years God proved his faithfulness through the planning process, the Seeds for Eternity Capital Campaign, and 19 months of construction. The fruit of God’s faithfulness is the completion of a new Wel-

come Center, The Ministry Activities Center (The MAC), and addi- tional parking. It is our vision that The MAC will afford our church opportunities to host large ministry events, receptions, conferences, and community events that bless our city. In sum, our campus will match our vision for roots and reach, gospel proclamation and king- dom presence. We are pleased to announce that these new facilities were offi-

cially dedicated to the Lord on October 27. Church members, city leaders and special guests gathered for worship, lunch and a special service to celebrate God’s goodness and provision. We are extremely grateful for God’s faithfulness to this congre-

gation over the past 132 years. It is our great privilege to worship and serve in the heart of Gastonia, and to experience the progress of God’s Kingdom here. Our fervent prayer and expectation is that we would remain a faithful and fruitful presence for Jesus Christ here in Gaston County, until he comes again. These new facilities are sim- ply instruments that God has entrusted to us for that work. I am so grateful to be a part of a congregation and denomination that has a vision for gospel ministry in the 21st century. To God be the glory.?

NEW STUDENT OF THEOLOGY Northeast Presbytery held an adjourned meeting in June during the meeting of Gen-

eral Synod at Geneva College and received Paul Chung as a new Student of Theology. Paul is the son of the Rev. Young Hwa Chung who is a member of Northeast Presbytery and presently serving as a missionary in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Toronto, Canada. Paul was brought to Argentina by his missionary parents in 1988 when he was a tod-

dler and he grew up in Buenos Aires where Spanish became his first language and Ko- rean second. He is now also fluent in English.

After graduating from high school Paul

enrolled in a music conservatory and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music. Paul is an accomplished pianist. Afterwards Paul studied at a local theological school and re- ceived a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. He is currently serving as a non-ordained assistant minister in a Korean Presbyterian Church. In August Paul was accepted into the Master of Divinity program at Erskine Seminary and is now taking on-line courses for the M.Div. degree. Paul and his wife, Inés, whom he married in early 2019, hope to come to South Caro-

lina in 2020 to complete his M.Div. coursework on campus at one on the Erskine Semi- nary locations. His goal is to become ordained in the ARPC and return to Buenos Aires to minister to second and third generation Koreans living in Argentina. Paul Chung with his Reformation Heritage Study Bible (in Spanish) which was pre- sented to him following his reception as a Student of Theology.?

January/February 2020 25

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