Shem Creek Organized! Shem Creek Presbyterian Church began as a yearlong exploratory work of Catawba Presbytery in 2014 in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Mt. Pleasant is a growing town, but it is also a place of spiritual need. 58% of residents do not affiliate with a church congre- gation. On Sunday mornings you will find more people at the beach, having brunch, shopping, or using the local parks than worshiping at a local church. Rev. Ben Carver and Charlie Phillips formally began the work to plant a mission church in 2015. After five years, Charlie and his wife, DJ, re-evaluated their call and felt it was time to accept a new call. Shem Creek’s service to organize was October 20, 2019. Rev. Ben Carver was installed as the pastor. Continue to pray that God

will bless them with more people who want to grow in the gospel and people who are receptive to hearing the gospel for the first time. Also, pray for their new elders and that the congregation will continue to share the gospel and invite people to SCPC.

Below is an interview with two members of Shem Creek, Edward and Jillian Manger.

How did you become involved in Shem Creek? We knew Charlie and DJ Phillips from when we were all at Surfside Presbyterian (PCA) in Myrtle Beach together. We recon-

nected with them when we moved to Charleston and visited the church they’d moved down here to help plant with Ben Carver. We instantly found Shem Creek Presbyterian to be a warm and welcoming church with great preaching, and almost five years in we’re very happy we stuck around!

How has God used Shem Creek to impact your life? Honestly, the list is endless, but the impact that Shem Creek Presbyterian has had on our view of evangelism sticks out in

our minds as the most significant. Before attending Shem Creek Presbyterian, neither of us had shared our faith with very many people (or if we had, we would have done so very uncomfortably). Being part of a church plant forces you to trust the Lord with each conversation and be prayerfully looking for and seizing opportunities to talk about God, your faith, and your church. We have both had our share of awkward conversations, but the Lord has also been incredibly gracious to us, and we’ve been able to see Him “do far more abundantly than all that we asked or imagined.” The Lord has used Shem Creek Presbyterian to change the focus of our life, and we could not be more grateful to call it our church home.?

Shem Creek Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church was organized on October 20. Helping You Reach Your Community 14 The Associate Reformed Presbyterian

Outreach North America

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