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Spring 2016



Joe Pulizzi is considered ”the Godfather of Content Marketing.”

Interview by Tim Sweeney

That’s quite a moniker to live up to, but as an entrepreneur, speaker, and author, the moniker is well earned. Pulizzi founded the Content Marketing Institute, which has a stated mission of advancing the practice of content marketing and which publishes the bimonthly magazine Chief Content Officer. His new book, Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses, came out in September 2015. Three years ago, we sat down with Pulizzi for a deep dive into the world of content marketing. Now, we figured it was time to pick his brain again for a sort of 2016 State of the Union on content marketing.

Q: Your new book, Content Inc., talks about flipping the script to create valuable content for an audience before creating the product. For those tied to the traditional approach, wondering where the audience comes from without a product they desire/need, can you explain this thinking to get us started?

Joe: There will always be companies that create amazing products. Some market themselves. People find them, love them, talk about them, and the company succeeds. Others invest heavily in marketing and attract prospects and then customers. Nothing wrong with that.

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