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Spring 2016


To increase brand reach on LinkedIn, you don’t have to look far. Your employees can collectively touch more people and are more believable as brand advocates.

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business sense. “At the end of the day, people don’t want to do business with logos; they want to deal with people—the individuals within organizations,” says Melonie Dodaro, Founder of Top Dog Social Media and international number one best-selling author of The LinkedIn Code. “So it’s about leveraging your individual profile to grow and build relationships.”

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profile is a fantastic marketing tool for both you and your employer. “What people forget,” Dodaro says, “is that LinkedIn is still a social network, so you need to be social.” Often asked by individuals she addresses at speaking engagements why they don’t seem to get sales leads from LinkedIn, despite accepting connection requests and sending requests to others, Dodaro tells them the


Wayne Breitbarth offers five suggestions and one request you can make to your employees in order to help them build a better profile and, in turn, create a consistent brand message on LinkedIn.

1. A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO – Bring in a photographer to take professional headshots of your employees. Remember the importance of a first impression; the photo is the first thing people see when they view a profile.

2. KEYWORDS – Don’t expect your employees to show up in a search unless you’ve given them a list of 5 to 10 of the most searched terms for the company—products, services, brands, etc. Encourage employees to place them in the right spots on their profile.

3. STANDARD COMPANY DESCRIPTION – Provide one succinct paragraph to be included in the summary section of their profile and two or three more detailed paragraphs to be included in their current job description area.

4. MEDIA OR WEB LINKS IN THEIR PORTFOLIO – This is a great place to show off company videos, slide shows, photos of your organization’s best work, products, and customer testimonials.

5. CONNECT THEIR JOB TO YOUR COMPANY PAGE – If your company logo isn’t showing up on each employee’s job entry, they’ve added their job prior to your business having a Company Page with a logo, they’ve selected the wrong company, or they’ve not selected a company when adding this

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