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Spring 2016


Having a president or CEO who believes in the potential of a substantial LinkedIn presence also goes a long way toward the rest of the company taking the efforts seriously. Breitbarth worked with The Howard Company, a point-of-purchase display manufacturer in Wisconsin, whose president, Doug Watson, understood the value of a strong LinkedIn presence. “He told his sales team, ‘This technique is a home run, and we’re going to do it,’” Breitbarth recalls. “There are 20 percent in the room who will love doing it, and another 20 percent whom you’ll likely never get onboard. The key is to get that middle 60 percent. By having a meeting with me there and their president there, employees knew it was important.” Finance and similar departments within

your company may be slow to share and post employer-related news, so focus first on outward-facing employees in sales, customer

service, and marketing. Getting the rest of your employees to create professional profiles with good photos would be an added victory. Breitbarth says creating a Company Page on LinkedIn

that you can load with great marketing information is a no-brainer, because that will land at the top of a Google marketing search. But when LinkedIn did away with the Products and Services tab on Company Pages in 2014 to, in their words, “focus on areas of the product that most benefit both companies and [their] members,” Breitbarth says the Company Page lost some of its value. “From a business-development standpoint, the proper development of employee profiles is an eight or nine importance-wise,” he says. “Unless you’re a company with a half million followers, your employees likely have a lot more connections when you add them all together. By getting your employees to partake in some activity on your Company Page by liking, sharing, or commenting, the company content gets forced into more feeds.”




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