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Spring 2016


social media-generated content—meaning companies needed to develop a “social play” to make it into the search rankings. Google is constantly evolving in an effort to make search functions more useful to users, so where are we now in that world? Are you still focused on the same strategy?

JP: Even though some people think that social media plays a direct role, nothing is proven. I think the play is this: more people share your content, more people engage in that content, more people write about that content and link to that content. Links, we know, help your search rankings. So, in and of itself, there is a social play there. I would focus on sharing content to build subscribers in social channels to then try to convert those people into email subscribers, which we have more control over.


We asked Joe Pulizzi for his best professional advice. These tips sound simple enough, but he says No. 1 changed his life. Maybe it will change yours.


Instead of creating content everywhere, focus on one content type, one content channel, and consistently deliver over time. That might mean you need to hire a journalist, editor, etc.

Q: You’ve spoken in the past about being able to create content that is specifically targeted to consumers. What kind of advances have you seen in recent years in the ability to first identify different types of consumers and then target them with content?

JP: What’s changed so much over the years is the cost of acquiring an audience. Literally, all audiences are accessible online. Finding communities online where your customers are at has never been easier. Using tools such as Google Trends to identify what your audience may or may not be searching for is at your fingertips. 

Write down your goals and review them EVERY DAY. Make it a habit.


Set particular times to respond to email. Don’t be in your email every minute of the day.


Focus on what you are passionate about and outsource the rest.


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