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Spring 2016

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Need ideas for your Instagram account? Check these out:

Needideas foryou

your customer than an exclusive peek inside your brand’s daily life?

videos to your PR plan. Press releases are so “yesterday!”

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Show your products in a creative way: Pilot

Pen USA shows photos of handwritten notes and their pens—very creatively!

Show appreciation: Follow Starbucks’ lead and give a

shout-out to your followers who are posting cool images on your Instagram account. Fans love it!

Host a photo contest: And make a unique hashtag just

for that campaign. You can even make a campaign out of creating the hashtag name!

Want more fun Instagram ideas? Download our infographic,


Scan the QR code or visit: Five to Follow

Looking for a road map for creating a better Instagram presence? Check out these five brands for inspiration.

1. PETCO The key to Petco’s content is that it’s not product related, but is instead generated by its followers sending photos of their pets—in Star Wars attire, in holiday garb, or just mugging for the camera. Because pets love to play dress up, evidently. Petco also runs contests asking for pet photos with certain hashtags and gives away gift cards to weekly winners.

2. GOPRO Maybe not a surprise since their product is a camera, but, again, user-generated content is the order of the day. Incentives like their Photo of the Day contest urge users to send their best images in hopes that it may be shared with GoPro’s audience of more than 7 million followers. It also motivates others to buy a GoPro.

3. SHARPIE It’s just a pen, right? Wrong. Sharpie’s Instagram feed puts shameless brand exposure to the side and shows what can be created when its products are placed in the hands of talented people, displaying artwork done by its users with Sharpies. The only downside: if you don’t have such prodigious talent, it’s mildly disheartening to see the work of those who do.

Announcements: Add Instagram photos and

A day in the life: What better way to connect with

Instagram Done Right


ven if your business doesn’t have an official Instagram account, chances are it’s already on Instagram. With

more than 400 million people now using the photo-sharing social network, there’s a good chance people have posted photos of or discussed your brand there. But if controlling your brand image and the imagery associated with it on Instagram isn’t reason enough to create an account, the possibilities that Instagram offers to grow a community—and therefore your business—ought to be. The chance to use captivating imagery to engage consumers, build trust in your expertise, and potentially drive consumers to your website is one you can no longer afford to pass on. Here are a few tips for creating brand engagement on “Insta,” as the kids call it. The most successful branded

Instagram accounts aren’t necessarily showing off the products that said company is selling. In fact, many hardly show their products at all, at least not in a traditional sense. Instead, they use lifestyle shots to demonstrate the benefits of products without really pitching them. Think: it’s not a photo of the credit card itself that gains new subscribers, but the pictures of the places you can go with it. To mix things up, occasionally work videos into your posts as well.


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