Unconventional: Branding with Digital Signage | By Stacey Church UNCONVENTIONAL It’s been a seemingly short time since the Music City Center opened

 world of technology is quite a while. While the facility had a number of digital screens on opening day, there was room to replace static signage with digital – something the leadership team foresaw as a competitive advantage and a “wow” factor for their customers. The team part- nered with LMG and 22 Miles Signage to provide the most dynamic  for our graphics and marketing team. The software allows for custom- ization of every event and is a centralized management tool.  

       - ing dynamic and interactive content as well as directional signage for MCC guests. Next were the overhead ex- hibit hall signs above Halls B, C, and D. LMG installed three 7x17 foot LED walls. Each wall is constructed with Absen N4 LED panels with a 4mm pixel pitch and include a pair of JBL Intellivox H-90 MKII    - nition point source sound. A 90” Sharp Pn-R903 LED TV was installed near the entrance   a blank canvas for customers to create their own unique, exhibit hall entry experience. The displays can also be sub- divided to provide additional content such as live video feeds with quality sound, interactive social media experiences, ani- mated content, etc. Last for the interior, were three, custom-built Unilumin Upanel 1.9mm pixel pitch corner-wrapped wall screens. Each corner wrap was built with a 45-degree mitered corner to give a perfect 90-degree  4.4 trillion colors, 5000:1 contrast and 800-nit brightness, the picture quality allows a great viewing distance within a foot of the screen. The team didn’t stop with the interior. In the parking garage, three, custom-built hanging cabinets with Unilumin Uslim 4.8mm LED tiles were installed, replacing static enter and exit signs. These signs were strategically placed to allow the center to change entry and exit lanes  have a large drive-in audience. To complete the full-building, branding experience the team settled

on two exterior marquees. One has three 5’ x 10’ Yaham 6mm pixel pitch walls. This LED is UL rated and weather proof and it uses light

“Without the digital signage, our customer’s printing needs would be extensive, costly and wasteful. The transition to all digital makes sense on so many levels.”

sensors to automatically adjust to outdoor brightness. A similar display with four 10’ x 15’ LED walls will be installed as well this summer. “Technology continues to play a larger role in the future of the meetings and convention industry, especially as interactive, augment- ed and virtual-reality enters the mix”, said Elisa Putman, Senior Vice    new digital screens give our customers endless options for signage, and  Customers can customize and tailor their signage and messaging to meet their needs, location and target market. With multiple shows often happening simultaneously, directional signage for events is a common request, as well as advertising, branding, sponsorship placement and general announcements. Interactive digital displays can bring value to the event experience while creating sponsorship dollars for the customer. By partnering with the customer, convention centers can create branding     and provide value while also hitting the facility bottom line. It’s no longer okay for our customers to provide just an educational experience at a conference. The attendees ex- pect them to provide an inter- active experience. Facilities are expected to have the tools to help facilitate that experience. Digital signage gives cus-

tomers the ability to reach their audience multiple times per day in a variety of mediums, not to mention reduce printing costs and paper waste. Those days will soon be over when the

customer wants to print banners with static images and pay for riggers to install these dated informational tools. “Without the digital signage, our customer’s printing needs would be extensive, costly and waste- ful,” said Renee Barker, Sustainability Coordinator of the Music City Center. “The transition to all digital makes sense on so many levels.”  and want to problem solve; 2) Prepare and plan time lines, costs, and funding sources; 3) Identify the personnel and knowledge required; 4) Create the digital advertising program that will meet your custom- er needs while providing a quick pay back on investment. Visit www. for a digital ad kit example. FM

Mary Brette Wylly is Director of Communications and Eric Blouin is Director of Technology at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee.



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