HGB Farms raising New Zealand, purebred, per- centage and commercial Kikos. We are a forage- based farm on a lot of acreage. Also specialize in true working Anatolians. Located in SW VA. 276-254-2350 or ————————————————————

Jessee Farm. NKR and AKGA registered New Zealand Kiko goats and Katahdin hair sheep. Performance-tested genetics. Hardy, fast-growing kids. Visitors always wel- comed. Kenneth & Connie Jessee, Castlewood, Va. 276-298-5118.

———————————————————— JSK Laney Farm. Raising NKR-registered 100%

New Zealand, purebred and percentage Kikos. We aim for quality over quantity. Quality parasite resistance and high birth weight with hardiness and forage feed. We run small numbers so every animal gets individual attention. Jason & Sandy Laney. Nickelsville Va. 276-594- 6357. ———————————————————— West Ridge Farm. DNA Registered and Gold Certi- fied Spanish Herd: Baylis Bloodline. Our goats are forage-raised and accli- mated to the Northeast Re- gion. Winchester, Va. 540-686-7246.


M.R. Goats. Performance tested 100% New Zealand and Purebred NKR & AKGA registered Kiko Goats since 2005. Forage-based Kikos delivering parasite resistant, fast growing goats with excellent ma- ternals. Mike & Lorie Renick 304-657-0456., and on Facebook at M. R. Goats.


Goat rental: The perfect way to feed your goats

By Mary Powell

Goats must be the perfect livestock! Not only do they provide meat, mohair and milk but they are also therapeutic and a great way to do all-natural weed and brush control. In 2015 while recovering from a bad

case of West Nile virus, I made the decision to start Barnyard Weed Warriors, a weed and brush control service, in Kansas. While my banker laughed at me the first time I men- tioned this service to him, after several months of hearing me talk, he told me to bring a business plan to him. Shortly after that, I

Mary Powell

contacted my first two jobs and in the spring of 2016 the Barnyard Weed Warriors hit the road and we haven’t looked back.

While I knew that I was going to be doing weed and brush control I had no idea of all the other things that would come up that added to the serv- ice I was providing for my customers. We are a bridge between rural and urban America, educating those who

Calico Dreams Goats & Products. Sundance, WY. Specializing in non-traditional, registered Boer goats. Contact Tanja Miller at 307-283- 2364;; www.mycalicod-; and see our Facebook page at


Devils Tower Goats. Pure Spanish & high %age Spanish does & bucklings. Winter- hardy, parasite resistant, ex- cellent mothering


Range raised and range tested. Carolina Noya.; 307-359-2890. On Facebook at Devils Tower Goats.

have little knowledge of animal agriculture. I share my experiences from almost 30 years in the beef, dairy and feed yard indus- tries and the nutritional values of goat meat and milk. I discovered goats have a thera- peutic value to my customers. I have wit- nessed a stressed customer come home from work and the stress of the day disappears as they watched the goats working away at the brush.

Many times, we have goat watching parties when I’m on a job site, where the cus- tomer invites family and friends over to watch the goats and of course barbecue and pizzas are on the menu (yes, very often we joke about barbecuing a goat).

I have also realized a nutritional benefit to weed and brush control. During our graz- ing season I rarely need to deworm any of my animals on the work crew. The goats

rarely graze near the ground while they are on a job site. This means they are not picking up worms and re-infesting their digestive system.

In Kansas, sericea lespedeza is a nox- ious weed and it is quite abundant in the east- ern half of the state where most of my work is located. We can go for months at a time grazing sericea, which means not only are they naturally deworming but they’re also getting a high-quality legume with a wonder- ful protein content. You might say my goats are eating from the best buffet available every day!

One of the benefits of the great buffet that the goats eat is a much higher conception rate among my adult females. Prior to start- ing the business, our conception rate was dis- mal, we also had kids that were being born that had many health issues, weak legs and failure to thrive.

Since I have been conditioning the goats prior to breeding season by putting them out on wonder- ful feeding grounds, we have fewer health issues with the kids and the adults. Our numbers of multiple births have greatly in- creased as well. We have many triplets and

quadruplets that the mothers can raise by themselves versus the inability to raise twins in some cases.

As my season starts out this year, I am already finding myself booked for the whole grazing season. I’m also looking for more people who would like to do brush control with their goats — maybe not on a full-time level like I do but part-time grazing can bring in extra dollars for feed and for a way to enjoy your goats more.

Goats are the perfect livestock! (Mary Powell is a meat goat producer

from Hunter, Kan., and operates the only commercial goat rental business in Kansas. She can be contacted through Facebook: Barnyard Weed Warriors, e-mail: barnyard- or phone 785- 531-0331.)

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