Hidden Hollow Valera kids get some exercise in Pennsylvania.

do not always go hand in hand, especially when considering the ac- counting of commercial sales.

Commercial producers, goat traders and slaughter/packaging buyers are not concerned with purity of genetics. These buyers are concerned with size, conformation and consistency of the group at the earliest possible age.

The breeder faces a challenge when they are using pure genetics to meet the demands of these buyers unless they are pushing genetics with feed supplementation. However, Spanish Seed Stock sales are another discussion entirely. Seed Stock buyers are counting on Ver- ified Spanish Goat Breeders to track and know the genetics behind the goats they are selling.

The allure of the F1 cross is real. Taking two tightly bred lines

of two different breeds and crossing them for the fast gain and earlier maturity of that F1 cross is profitable and becomes a trap for many producers. However, trying to reproduce the results of that wonderful F1 cross in the generations to follow is basically impossible. The profit of an F1 cross is in sending all the offspring to

slaughter. This tactic puts in opposition short-term gains versus long- term breed selection and maintenance. The quality and cost of pro- duction of the F1 cross depends on the breed of their dams, which is why commercial producers are using Spanish females. Unfortunately, these F1 cross genetics end up in sale barns or on Craigslist as one breed or the other and not necessarily listed as an F1 cross but as “commercial.” It is important that buyers are aware of this when looking for purity of genetics. It is always best to pur- chase stock from a Verified Spanish Goat Breeder who can verify the genetics. To ensure the purity of the genetics within the Spanish Goat Breed, the Spanish Goat Association requires all sales to include a Data Specific Bill of Sale that includes the seller signature and photos of the goats before listing the buyer as a Verified Breeder on the SGA website Breeder List or DNA Registering the goat(s). Ear tagging, data on Spanish goats and DNA sampling is a new practice and one that some producers are not thrilled about. However, as the market grows for Pure Spanish Goats, the demand for this de- tail does as well. The producers who want to be successful in “Seed Stock” sales are getting on board.

This is the category of breeder that is labeled Certified or Gold

Certified. These producers see the benefit and the value to the breed as well as themselves and have DNA-sampled five females and one

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